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New Student Advising

First-Time Students

First-time students are required to complete first-year student orientation. During orientation you will get a chance to meet one-on-one with an advisor to plan your first semester schedule. Please note we will have limited time together at this first meeting and our priority will be to get your schedule finalized. We will cover as many of your questions as we can on orientation day and your advisor will also send follow up information to help you get ready for your first semester.

Follow the checklist below to make sure you are ready to register for classes at orientation!

Transfer Students

Transfer students have the option of completing an online orientation. All transfer students will schedule an appointment with the Academic Advising office to discuss their first semester and overall academic plan. Please make sure that your transcripts have been received and evaluated by UC’s Credit Evaluation team.

If you have not yet taken a college-level math or english course, please take appropriate placement tests and wait until you receive your test scores before scheduling an advising appointment. Please note, if your prior math transfer work is not applicable to your current major, additional math placement testing will be required. For assistance with placements call 513-558-9425 or email ucbaplacement@uc.edu.

What do I need to do to make sure I’m ready to register?

  • Complete your placement tests. Your placement results will help your advisor make appropriate course recommendations for your first semester. Check your Bearcat Portal To-Do list for any additional placements you need to complete.
  • Ensure all your prior credit is on file.
    • Do you have any college credit completed in high school (such as CCP) or transfer credit? If so, did you have your transcript for your college credit sent from the college or university where it was taken to UC Admissions? Your high school transcript will not be enough to properly evaluate your CCP credit, so please be sure you have requested all official transcripts be sent to UC Admissions.
    • Are you anticipating any AP, IB, or other test credit? If so, did you have your official scores sent to UC Admissions? Your high school transcript alone will not be enough to evaluate potential credit through AP, IB, or other exams, so please be sure you have requested all scores be sent to UC Admissions.
  • Complete your financial agreement in your Bearcat Portal To-Do list.
  • Think about how many classes you should take to be a successful college student. If you plan to be a full-time student, advisors will recommend 12 to 16 credit hours depending on your major and other time commitments. (Part time students take between 6-11 credit hours.)
    • What is a credit hour? Credit hours roughly equate to how many hours you spend in class or interacting with course material each week. If a class is 3 credit hours, you would physically be in a classroom 3 hours a week for an in-person class.
    • For each hour you are registered for, you will be expected to dedicate an additional 2-3 hours outside of the classroom to study and complete assignments. That means that being a full-time student is really a full-time job requiring 36 to 48 hours of your time each week.
    • Consider your other commitments and decide how many credit hours is most appropriate for you.

 Meet the Advising Team and learn about important registration policies in this introductory video:

I’m registered for classes. What’s next?


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