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English & Communication Department

The Department of English and Communication at UC Blue Ash College offers courses that prepare students for their future studies. Available courses such as reading and writing, English composition, literature, creative writing, journalism, public speaking, persuasion and interpersonal communication help build useful skills in analysis and critical thinking. 

These courses are usually prerequisites for most programs at UC Blue Ash College. Literature and communication courses at the 2000 level meet the general education requirements of transfer programs. 

Academic Programs

Transition-Oriented Associate Degree Programs

  • Communication: The Communication program offers the first two years of college-level courses, allowing a student to transfer to McMicken College of Arts and Sciences (A&S) as a communication major.
  • English: The Associate of Arts degree in English provides students with a solid foundation in literary studies and creative writing as part of a comprehensive general education.
  • Liberal Arts: The Liberal Arts program is designed for students who want to start their education at UC Blue Ash, but complete their BA or BS from UC's McMicken College of Arts and Sciences (A&S).

Faculty Spotlights

Each month the English and Communication Department recognizes the achievements of department faculty members. There are so many great things happening in the English and Communication department that you should know about!

Resources and Opportunities

Writing and Study Skills Center

The Writing and Study Skills Center at the University of Cincinnati Blue Ash College seeks to help UC Blue Ash students improve their reading, writing, and study skills and to promote diverse literacies and lifelong learning.


Contact Information

English & Communication Department
Progress Hall | Room 120B
Program Coordinator
Phone: 513-745-5645
Email: Amber.Kuftic@uc.edu