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The Department of English and Communication at UC Blue Ash College offers courses that provide students with a range of opportunities, whether you want to continue with future studies or build valuable skills for the workplace. Available courses such as reading and writing, English composition, literature, creative writing, public speaking, persuasion and interpersonal communication help build skills in analysis and critical thinking, and make it easy to complete the first two years of a four-year UC Communications or English bachelor's degree. 

With three associate degree programs from which to choose, you can either:

  • Complete two years of studies in one of our academic tracks in prepartion to transfer to UC's College of Arts and Sciences in pursuit of a bachelor's degree.
  • Finish your program at UC Blue Ash College and receive your associate degree in Communication, English or Liberal Arts.

Academic Programs

Transition-Oriented Associate Degree Programs

  • Communication: The Communication program offers the first two years of college-level courses, allowing a student to earn an associate degree or transfer to the College of Arts and Sciences (A&S) as a communication major on a bachelor's degree track.
  • Public Relations: This special track within our Communication program equips students with the foundational skills and knowledge to move on to and successfully complete a four-year degree in Public Relations or Communication at UC's College of Arts & Sciences.
  • Online Communication: The fully online asynchronous associate degree in Communication provides students with the foundational and critical communication skills necessary to succeed in their careers. For students who continue their education beyond the associate degree - either now or in the future, the online degree program is designed to allow students to seamlessly transfer to the College of Arts and Sciences (A&S) online bachelor's degree program in Communication. 
  • English: The Associate of Arts degree in English provides students with a solid foundation in literary studies and creative writing as part of a comprehensive general education. Complete the full program at UC Blue Ash to receive your associate degree, or transfer to pusue a bachelor's degree.
  • Liberal Arts: The Liberal Arts program is designed for students who want to start their education at UC Blue Ash, but complete their BA or BS from UC's College of Arts and Sciences (A&S). As with our other programs, you can also earn your associate degree directly from UC Blue Ash.

English & Communication Department Spotlights

We love to recognize the achievements of department faculty members, staff, and students. Take a look at some of our stories. 

2022 Poetry Contest

Congratulations to the winners of our 2022 UC Blue Ash Poetry Contest, which is open to all UC students.

My Melody

I prefer the string than blowing against a tube.

It has a different sound.

A different feeling.

A different vibration.

Smooth and sweet It places a crying child to rest

Upon its bed of grass.


The instrument is like a healthy tree, short in height.

The color it holds matches the autumn leaves.

It could be orange. It could be brown.

The neck is the trunk.

Long and slim, black in the night.


The chin rest is a nest

Soft for the birds to lay upon.

Comfortable for the body.


The strings are a spider’s thread

Extending from one branch down to the other.


They pass by two hollows

Right through the middle: the f holes.

These hollows provide shelter.

It provides room for the passing wind.

It provides room for echoes and steady resonance.


However, no sound can be made Unless it is touched.

The curved bow is the rain

That falls from the sky

And slips down the spider’s thread.


Combined they sing a song.

It is my little song.

It is my melody.

My melody of a forest. 

Baby Blues


indifferent hues

For many different yous


Baby’s cues, baby coos, baby poos

Can’t even eat, sleep, tie my shoes…

Y’all don’t even have a clue

Who are you?


Milk bearer, Spit up wearer,

Shit changer, I’ve gotta change her

No longer me

I am mommy


How could I be so infatuated by a name?

How could your name make me see the gods and the Erinyes and compare them to you?


The melody that draws me in like the siren that awaits its prey.

The hair that glistens like that of honey.

The eyes that make me feel as though I am drowning in Poseidon's ocean.


How dare I look at the body of Aphrodite?

I wish to be turned to stone because I feel so


of seeing such a sacred relic.

I wish Medusa would overtake those gleaming eyes

so I no longer feel indebted.


You’re Ares,

making me feel as though I too, am the spirit of battle.

Leading me to the Underworld to fight my own battles

and knowing that whatever the outcome may be,

you Suzanne,

will lead me to Mount Olympus.


You are not a false idol, but dear god

I think that Zeus forgot a deity.


Apate cries out because although you’ve fooled many

he cannot get his hands on this muse.

You resemble the color of white,

your purity making others fall to their knees.


You are no Cupid

but I have undoubtably fallen in love.

Your arrow has captured my heart and will not let it go

until I tell you my sonnet of love.


And although I cannot give you my soul,

I will give you the heart as compensation.

For the Fields of Mourning are dampened with the tears that form in my eyes

knowing that I was fooled into falling for Hades.

2020 Poetry Contest

Resources and Opportunities

Writing and Study Skills Center

The Writing and Study Skills Center at the University of Cincinnati Blue Ash College seeks to help UC Blue Ash students improve their reading, writing, and study skills and to promote diverse literacies and lifelong learning.

Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities


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