UC Blue Ash College

Applying for Readmission

The Application for Readmission is to be used by previously enrolled and matriculated University of Cincinnati students who are seeking to re-enroll in their previous college after a period of absence.

Students who have been enrolled at another college or university since last enrolling at the University of Cincinnati must apply for admission as a transfer student.

Application Deadlines


Application Deadline


Classes begin

Fall Semester

July 1
December 1 for Academic Achievement Scholarship consideration

August 1
June 1 for Academic Achievement Scholarship consideration


Spring Semester

November 15

December 15

Summer Semester March 15 April 15 Summer Sessions Vary

Placement Testing Deadlines

New Student Orientation Deadlines

Steps For Readmission

Step One: Complete Readmission Application

Complete the online Application for Readmission no later than the application deadline.*

Step Two: Wait for Processing

Please allow up to a week for your application to be processed. Once you have been notified of your readmission, please contact the University of Cincinnati Blue Ash College Academic Advising for an appointment at 513-558-9442 or visit their office in 125 Muntz Hall. Find more detailed information about academic advising on their webpage.

Step Three: Confirm

Confirm your offer of admission to your new major and program. So, you've been offered admission to UC Blue Ash. Congratulations! You must confirm your admission to make it official. By filling out and submitting the confirmation form, you are solidifying your enrollment with your new college. They will then officially switch your major/program from the program in your current college to UC Blue Ash. This is a very important step in the process. This must be done in order for you to receive your next steps in the transition process.

*If you have been suspended or dismissed from the University of Cincinnati previously, please contact the UC Blue Ash College Academic Advising Office at 513-558-9442 for additional information prior to submitting an Application for Readmission.

*This information is specific to the Application for Readmission process at the University of Cincinnati Blue Ash College only. The process for other University of Cincinnati colleges may be different. Please consult with the college where you wish to enroll.


Contact Information

Admissions Office
Phone: 513-558-9998
Email: admissions@uc.edu