UC Blue Ash College

Online Placement

Note: Do not attempt to test on a public computer (such as the Public Library) if they have a time limit. You will need over an hour to complete each test.

Before You Test Online

Confirm Admission to UC Blue Ash College

In order to complete your placement tests online, you will need to have confirmed admission to UC Blue Ash College. Please allow 24 to 48 hours after confirming your admission for your UC username and password to be accessible.

If you are using the alternative admission process, you need to submit your Basic Data Form to the College at least 48 hours before you can test online.

Get Your UC Credentials

Prior to testing online, you will need to complete the initial steps of getting your UC credentials:

Need Additional Guidance?

We've put together a Powerpoint that takes you through every step of the online placement testing process, as well as links to helpful UC resources.

Writing Guided Self-Placement Online Procedures

Follow the Steps below for completing the Guided Self-Placement Tool

  1. Watch the above video introduction to GSP.
  2. Make sure that you have your UCID number (begins with an M) and an email address where you can be reached.
  3. Click on the link below to access the Guided Self-Placement Tool.
  4. Complete the GSP Tool completely and thoughtfully.
  5. Click “Submit” on the last page of the GSP Tool.

Note: The GSP Tool must be completed at least 10 business days prior to your orientation so that your course selection can be processed. 

Accessing the Writing Guided Self-Placement Tool

For assistance, please contact us at placementtesting@ucblueash.edu or 513-558-9425. Have your username and UCID ready.

Guided-Self Placement Completion 

Upon successfully completing the Guided Self-Placement Tool, you will see a “Thanks!” screen with a checkmark.

Note: The GSP Tool does not register you for a class, it only indicates your course selection so that you will be able register for the course you choose through orientation or OneStop. Your course selection will typically be processed in our system in approximately one week.

Questions about Writing Guided Self-Placement

If you have any general questions or concerns about the online Guided Self-Placement process, contact: placementtesting@ucblueash.edu or 513-558-9425.

If you have any questions about which English composition course would be the best fit for you, please contact: ucbawritingGSP@uc.edu.

Math Placement Test Online Procedures

Accessing the Test

The Math placement test needs to be completed at least 2 weeks prior to your scheduled orientation

  1. Access your Bearcat Landing Page where you will find the Math placement test
  2. You can also access the Math placement test here.

Test Completion

After completing the Math placement test, it will display your placement score. Record/print your score. This score will be entered in our student information system for class placement/scheduling.

Questions about Online Math Placement

If you have any questions or concerns about the online placement test, contact placementtesting@ucblueash.edu or 513-558-9425 (provide your username and UCID).

Reading Placement Test Online Procedures

The Reading placement test is only for CPAS students who do not have ACT/SAT scores on file.  If you are a CPAS student and need take the Reading placement test, then please contact placementtesting@ucblueash.edu to request the link and your unique user name and password for this online reading test.


Contact Information

Placement Testing
Muntz Hall | Room 151
Phone: 513-558-9425