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Transfer Student Policies & Guidelines

Transfer credit policies are publicly disclosed on the University of Cincinnati Blue Ash College website on transfer information:

Transfer policies are posted under the Credit Evaluation section as part of the Advising and Academic Services website:

Transfer information for high school students is available in the following website:

Students who have earned credits at another institution may provide official college transcripts and request a credit evaluation report that will outline how credits will be applied to their anticipated major.

Please see screenshots of transfer policies available in our websites, as Appendix D. Find copies of the published transfer policies (such as those included in the institution’s catalog, on the website or in other appropriate publications) below:

The University of Cincinnati Blue Ash College participates in the Transferology network, which is mandated across all Ohio public colleges and universities by the State; this is a resource that allows students to search for course equivalencies across participating institutions nationally.

In addition, UC opened a new center for Pathways Advising & Student Success in 2016, which all UC students can use, including Blue Ash College students. The center employs four academic advisors and an Assistant Director for Pathways Advising, and is focused on the needs of transfer, transition (internal transfers from UC regional campuses to Clifton) and non-matriculated students. The Center also employs additional staff whose role is to help coordinate certain student academic success needs, including the Starfish Early Alert Retention Management System and advisor training and development. For all related articulation agreements, visit the UC Office of Advising and Academic Services Articulation Agreements headquarters or view the following PDF document:

The University of Cincinnati Blue Ash College adheres to the Ohio Articulation and Transfer Policy, which can be found on the Ohio Department of Education’s website.

UC’s Credit Evaluation Center coordinates the transfer credit process, with assistance from the undergraduate colleges. All credit taken at a regionally-accredited institution (D- or higher) is accepted at UC and reviewed for an appropriate equivalency. Once the equivalency is determined by the Credit Evaluation Team (including college reviewers), it becomes part of the Campus Solutions database, in order to ensure all students receive consistent awards. Elective block credit hours in the discipline are awarded if a direct match to a University of Cincinnati course cannot be determined. If applicable, a general education breadth of knowledge code will also be awarded to the elective block credit for general education applicability. (Ex. below, HU=Humanities credit.)

Only transcripts from regionally accredited schools are data-entered by the Admissions staff, and the coursework is assigned to the appropriate college expert reviewer. Once an equivalency is determined, the credit is posted to the student’s record. All prior course equivalency decisions are stored for reference. If an equivalency has already been approved, there is no need for additional review and the existing equivalency will populate the student’s record.

The University's student interface for transfer coordinators, Campus Solutions, is programmed not to allow for the creation of transfer rules for non-accredited schools. In addition, coursework with non-creditworthy grades (Incomplete, Failure, In Progress, etc.) will not receive credit at the University of Cincinnati. Students may also request a re-review or appeal a transfer decision.

References (e.g., charts, data, etc.) for all institutional decisions regarding transfer of academic credit align with the policy can be found in the floowing Appendix:

For more information see Federal Requirement 34 CFR §668.43(a)(11). Related HLC

Requirements: Core Component 2.A and Assumed Practice A.5.D.

UC Blue Ash College’s One Stop website centralizes much of this information for ease of student and public access.

In addition, specific information about each of the following can be found directly on the various home office websites, either directly our via UC website search, as follows:

Course Catalogs and Student Handbooks

University of Cincinnati Blue Ash College provides a course catalog search utility for undergraduate and graduate courses that is available through several online access points:


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