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Unprecedented & Unforgettable: The COVID-19 Project

Unprecedented & Unforgettable: The COVID-19 Archive Project

The UC Blue Ash Library and Communications Department are collaborating to gather stories from students, faculty and staff at our college regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.

Submissions could be in the form of written entries, photographs, short videos or other forms of media. These materials should in some way reflect how this pandemic has impacted your life and connections to learning, working and/or teaching as a UCBA student, faculty or staff member. We will be collecting these stories over the coming weeks. Please help us document this unprecedented time in higher education and in our lives.

What’s My Story?

Story submissions for this project should be related or connected to your UCBA experience. Not sure what that means or if you have a story to tell? Consider some of the prompts below but please do not feel limited by these ideas. Also, have you already shared or posted a story (written, video or audio) on a social media platform or elsewhere? Please feel free to re-share that story here.

  • As a UCBA student, faculty or staff member, how have you managed/learned/grown from challenges in school (student) and at work (faculty/staff) during the COVID-19 pandemic?
  • What support networks helped you through the COVID-19 pandemic as a UCBA faculty, staff or student?
  • Was there a major UCBA school or work event that took place (example: graduation, retirement, newly hired) and how did you adapt due to COVID?
  • What is your proudest school (student) and/or at work (faculty/staff) achievement during COVID-19 pandemic?
  • As a UCBA faculty, staff or student, think about your different identities (race, ethnicity, religion, socioeconomic status, disabilities, etc): How has the pandemic impacted your community(ies) and/or identity(ies)?  

Contact Information

Pete Gemmer

Director, Marketing/Communications
Muntz Hall 152A

Heather Maloney

Director - Associate Senior Librarian
Muntz Hall 115 A