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Non-Degree Programs

Our non-degree programs do not lead to an associate degree, bachelor's degree or certificate in that field from UC Blue Ash College, but they provide a pathway that prepares you for the next step in your academic journey. You can take advantage of our rigorous academics, low tuition and small class sizes, while earning credits that will transfer if you pursue a degree in other programs.

Who benefits most from Non-Degree programs?

Non-degree programs, tracks or pathways at UC Blue Ash College are helpful for students in many situations:

  • Some are created so students can complete relevant courses while still deciding on a program or working on acceptance into a program with a selective program admission process.
  • For those preparing to transition into a professional degree program at another UC college or at other colleges that accept the course credits.
  • As a way to maximize the value of courses and credits for those students planning a transition to the UC Uptown campus to complete a bachelor's degree.

Non-Degree Programs at UC Blue Ash College

Pre-Professional Tracks

These are the alignments that should be followed by those that are looking to get professional degrees like a degree in Law, Dentistry, Medicine or Veterinary Medicine.

UC Blue Ash College does not offer associate degrees or bachelor's degrees specifically in these fields, but these programs are aligned with specific tracks and cover the necessary coursework that students can use to get started through other programs before transitioning:

  • Pre-Pharmacy: For those interested in transitioning into a professional Pharmacy program, we recommend enrolling in Chemistry at UC Blue Ash College, since it most closely aligns with the PharmD program offered at the UC College of Pharmacy.
  • Pre-Law: For those interested in eventually transitioning to a professional Law program, you should enroll in Liberal Arts at UC Blue Ash.

Exploratory Studies Track

The one-year Exploratory Studies track at UC Blue Ash is for students who are undecided about what major they want to pursue. The track provides a foundation of General Education courses, which will help you develop your critical thinking, effective communication, social responsibility and knowledge integration. Employers value these competencies, and they fulfill part of the UC General Education requirements.

This program at UC Blue Ash does not lead to a degree on its own. The program offers opportunities to explore possible careers and majors, and, after one year in the program, students are required to select a degree program.

Exploratory Studies students will be successful if they take advantage of the following resources and programs offered at UCBA.

  • Professional Exploratory Studies Advising: Advisors can give you information about all of UC Blue Ash's majors, as well as providing personal assessment and evaluation.
  • Students Success Seminar (MLTI 1021): This course helps Exploratory Studies students choose a major and provides an introduction to college life.

Selective Program Admission Track

The Pre-Health Professions track is for those students that need to complete coursework while attempting to be accepted into one of UC Blue Ash College's programs that use a selective program admission process.

This helps make sure that students take courses that are needed by these programs and help them prepare accordingly while getting ready to apply.

Following the Pre-Health Professions track will prepare you for these programs, which use the selective admissions process:

One-Year Non-Degree Programs

These non-degree programs at UC Blue Ash College offer the first year of coursework before students apply and transition to their intended bachelor's degree program at another UC college.


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