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Alumni answering questions at UC Blue Ash College

More than 25,000 students have successfully obtained degrees from UC Blue Ash College since it opened its doors in 1967. These graduates have become part of the UCBA Bearcat alumni family. The UCBA College Alumni Association serves to inspires UC Blue Ash students and alumni in support of UCBA and its mission.

Alumni Stories & Awards

Alumni, Eric Broyles

Eric Broyles' life has led him down many paths, from a disengaged student near the very bottom of his graduating class at Hamilton's Badin High School to a successful corporate attorney and CEO of an international investment research firm.

We're proud of all of our alumni, and we love to feature their stories. Here, you can read the stories of some of our most successful alumni, as well as learn about Distinguished Alumni Award winners from every year.

Share Your Story

We would love to hear about your growth and achievements since graduating. We want to share your story to inspire our current and prospective students. Your journey may help someone else chart their path to success. Who knows, you might even be honored as one of our UCBA Distinguished Alumni or Outstanding Young Alumnus Achievement award winners!

Making the Connection

At UC Blue Ash College, we have students who are pursuing an education in nearly every type of industry or specialty. These students are using the latest technology and learning the latest trends in their fields. To support our employers, we are also growing our internship and co-op program.

If you don't have internship or co-op program at your organization, allow us to show you the value this opportunity can bring to your organization.

Want to provide guidance to a student, but don’t know where to begin? Ask me about our robust mentoring program. You can make and invaluable impact on a student’s life.


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