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Celebrating 50 Years at UC Blue Ash College

Inspiring Student Success. Then. Now. Always.

In 2017, we held a wide range of events recognizing our 50th anniversary, celebrating our rich history, highlighting our current momentum, and looking forward to our continued growth. This important milestone has been a great opportunity to engage our students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community in a lot of fun and meaningful ways. Thanks for celebrating, and feel free to check out the event galleries and stories of our past successes!

Celebrating 50 Years

UC Blue Ash College filled 2017 with events, activities and stories to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the college.

From a book that details the history of the institution to smaller touches like our "50 Facts" article series, we've enjoyed celebrating the college's story.

Read about the history of UC Blue Ash, as told in this retrospective article from The Cincinnati Enquirer.

So much has changed and been accomplished over fifty years. Take a look back at the key moments that made UC Blue Ash College what it is today.

To mark this important occasion, we celebrated our 50th Anniversary throughout the 2017-18 academic year with a variety of events and activities. This summary of the events and initiatives will give you a good idea of how we celebrated this milestone.

50th Anniversary Gala

The gala was held to mark the official opening our college back in September 1967, when the concept of a regional college was brand new. Our college was the first regional college created by UC and one of the first in the state of Ohio. Hundreds of guests came together in celebration of the achievements and growth of UC Blue Ash College at a formal dinner event. Past and present faculty, staff, and students shared amazing stories from our college's rich history.

A Picture Perfect Night

Perfect weather helped make for a perfect night, as alumni, students, and current and former faculty, staff and administrators of the college came together.

The Gala event started off with a cocktail reception in our brand new Progress Hall, where the students have just begun using our state-of-the-art facility.

After the cocktail reception, guests headed over to our beautiful green space to enjoy dinner and the Gala program on the lawn.

Overall, it was a very special night as we honored our rich history of inspiring student success – then, now, always. We’re ready for the next 50 years! Please enjoy the gallery of photos taken throughout the night, by our Electronic Communications Manager, Pete Bender.

Words of Wisdom and Gratitude

This special event featured guest speakers, each of whom added to the feeling of pride and excitement for our college. Dean Robin Lightner kicked off the night by welcoming our guests and recognizing those who helped build the foundation for our college 50 years ago. Ernest Muntz was one of the original administrators of the college who later served 21 years as dean. He received a standing ovation when he was introduced to the audience. Dean Lightner also thanked all of the other faculty, staff and administrators who helped build the college and noted that they were 'true pioneers.'

UC President Neville Pinto talked about the importance of our college in the growth of the University,

Dr. Derek Van Amerongen discussed why he gives back to today's students as a scholarship donor, and our alums Suaad Hansbhai and Eric Broyles shared how professors at UC Blue Ash helped them find their confidence and purpose. Take a look at the full videos of our speakers.

We would also like to recognize all the sponsors that help make the 50th Anniversary possible, and for their contribution to support UC Blue Ash College Scholarships.

1967 Display by the Cincinnati Museum Center

The display is now open and will be kept in the UCBA Library in Muntz Hall through the Spring 2018 semester!

50th Anniversary Video Overview