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Placement Accessibility

Who is eligible for placement testing accommodations?

Students with a documented disability or medical condition may be eligible for accommodations through Accessibility Resources (AR). Documentation that contains the name and specific details about a student's disability are kept confidential in the AR office.

Follow the steps below to complete your Placement Testing with accommodations.

  1. Fill out a self-disclosure form and submit appropriate documentation to Accessibility Resources.
  2. Contact Accessibility Resources to make sure testing accommodations have been approved.
  3. Complete placement testing online or at the UC Blue Ash College campus.
    • Both the Writing GSP and Math placement tests are offered online and designed with built-in accommodations. Students may complete the online Writing Guided Self-Placement tool at their own pace. The Writing GSP tool provides students with a series of questions related to students' experiences with writing, provides information about the writing courses in the English Composition sequence, and then asks students to select which writing course they will register for at orientation. The math exam is typically completed within one hour however up to 2.5 hours are available for testing.
    • A reading placement exam is required for CPAS students who did not submit an ACT score to UC Blue Ash. This exam is available online and must be taken two-weeks prior to orientation. The Reading Placement Test is not timed.
    • If you determine that you would like to test on campus in the Accessibility Resources office, please contact AR to set up a time to test with accommodations (such as large print, braille, quiet environment) at ucba.accessibilityresources@uc.edu or 513-558-9414.
    • If you would prefer to complete your Writing GSP tool and/or Math Placement Test online with built in accommodations, please use the link below for information about how to access your UC Canvas Account and Test Online.


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