UC Blue Ash College

Confirmation Instructions

These step-by-step instructions will assist you with complet­ing the on line confirmation form which is needed to be able to enroll in classes. In addition, Financial Aid is NOT possible if you do not confirm your admission. Please take notes as needed and keep this worksheet for future reference. Access the confirmation form online.

Confirmation Steps

  1. Recieve your offer of admission
    1. You may only confirm your admission after you have received an offer. The steps below are for all undergraduate transfer and first-year students. 
    2. If you do not know whether you have received an offer of admission, check your status online.
  2. Be aware of deadlines for confirming and do not delay.
    1. View the deadlines for each semester online
    2. If you are in a special group or interested in a scholarship, please note the different deadlines.
  3. View your decision letter and then select Confirmation Form.
    1. Before you can confirm your admission, you must view your decision letter by selecting View Update near the top of your status page. Once you have viewed the deci­sion letter, you can return to your status page, scroll down, and select the Confirmation Form
  4. Complete the Confirmation Form.
    1. Here you will choose to accept or decline your offer of admission. Once you have answered the questions that populate beneath your response, make sure to select Submit.
  5. Log Out
    1. Once you complete and submit the Confirmation Form, you will be taken back to your status page. You will see a request for payment near the top of this page. You will re­ceive a confirmation fee waiver for applying during today's event AND if you signed in during check-in.
    2. DO NOT choose Submit Payment.


You are officially a UC Blue Ash student! 

You've completed Step 1 and Step 2 of the admission process. See the Enrollment Steps card in your folder, or or visit the Admissions homepage for information about completing the final steps to enrolling. 

Contact Information

Admission Office
Phone: 513-558-9998
Email: admissions@uc.edu