Scholarship Information

Students and faculty at a scholarship luncheon

There are many scholarship opportunities available for students to take advantage of to assist with their financial burden. This year, nearly $70,000  in scholarships is available for UCBA students. These scholarships have an online application process twice a year. 

In addition, incoming UCBA freshman are automatically considered for the Academic Achievement Scholarship, and all should use the UC Scholarship Search for additional opportunities. 

Scholarship Criteria

Basic Scholarship Criteria for all scholarships:

  • All scholarship applicants must have a minimum 2.5 GPA unless otherwise noted.
  • Some scholarships require you to maintain full-time status (12 or more credit hours).

Should they come to the attention of the Scholarship Committee, violations of the Student Code of Conduct may be considered in making scholarship determinations. Students should consult the University of Cincinnati Code of Conduct for reference on this matter.

UC Blue Ash College Scholarships

Academic Achievement Scholarship

The Academic Achievement scholarship is awarded automatically to incoming freshmen students applying for the autumn semester of the year for which they will graduate high school. Learn about the qualifications that must be met.

Academic Achievement and Honors Scholarship Awards

Academic Achievement and Honors Scholarships for incoming first-time freshmen students will not be listed under the Financial Aid award packages that are viewed in Catalyst. This is due to UC Blue Ash Policy that a student must be enrolled in coursework prior to the Academic Achievement and Honors scholarships being awarded. Students and families will be able to view these specific scholarships in their Catalyst account 2-3 weeks prior to the beginning of the semester.

UCBA Sponsored Scholarships are available in two different seasons. The scholarship application that opens starting in fall is available in January and will provide scholarship awards for the academic year following the competition. The other application is available in October and provides scholarship awards for the following spring semester.

Applicants should review this information on eligibility requirements and individual scholarship criteria. Applications must be complete and submitted by the published deadline to be considered for scholarship.

UC Blue Ash students at commencement

Scholarship Search

Incoming freshmen, transfers, and continuing students can explore scholarship opportunities using our search tool. UC academic programs have been asked to register their scholarship options with our office. As well, many outside agencies provide us with scholarship information that we, in turn, make available to you. Please use this search tool routinely as new scholarships are posted as information becomes available.

Scholarships are available from many sources including high schools, places of worship, civic groups, and parents' employers. We recommend that you check with your high school guidance counselor, the reference section of your library, and organizations in your hometown. The Internet, by using the key word "scholarship" in a search or by visiting suggested scholarship sites, can be a great resource.

At the same time, there are those persons or agencies that might appear to be helpful as you seek funding for college. Use caution and follow suggested tips any time someone asks you for money to assist in your scholarship or aid process.

It takes some research to find scholarship opportunities, but it can be worth the effort and time required.

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