UC Blue Ash College

Institutional Research Dashboards

UCBA dashboards show public data about students, employees, and financials. They should help answer frequently asked questions about UC Blue Ash College. The dashboards were created using Tableau and are hosted on Tableau Public.  

Enrollment Trends

Explore census day enrollment, credit hours, and FTE (full-time equivalent) trends by full-time/part-time status and gender.

Enrollment Demographics

Interact with UCBA enrollment data based on several demographic fields, such as age, gender, and race.

Persistence & Retention

See fall cohort persistence and retention trends, as well as retention by Ohio college sectors, such as regional colleges and 4-year colleges.

Degrees & Transitions

Check out degree/certificate trends below, and see how many UCBA students transiton to the UC Uptown campus.

Financials Data

Explore UCBA core revenues and core expenses submitted to IPEDS (Integrated PostSecondary Education Data System).

Graduation Rates

These dashboards show graduation rates as well as 3-year success measures, which includes earning a degree and enrollment at the same or another Ohio institution.

UC Blue Ash Dashboard Portal

These dashboards contain more detailed information on course and student enrollment. Access is maintained by the Office of Institutional Research.


Contact Information

Muntz Hall - Room 140
Phone: 513-745-5736
Email: ucbair@ucmail.uc.edu