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Krista Sigler

Associate Professor, UCBA History



Chair of the Department of History, Philosophy, and Political Science. Research interests include the cultural history of late imperial and early Soviet Russia, as well as scholarship of teaching and learning.


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Robert R. Gioielli

Associate Professor of History and Director of the UC Blue Ash Honors Program

I am an environmental and urban historian whose work focuses on the intersections of social and environmental issues in the American city, especially when it comes to racial and class inequalities. I also have a significant interest in the origins and development of environmental activism, both in the United States and around the globe, and how environmental politics has both created and reinforced other inequalities and hierarchies. 

My teaching is focused on American and environmental history. In the classroom I work to help students understand how historical thinking is a vital tool for understanding their contemporary world. My environmental history classes in particular are focused on experiential learning, and encouraging students to get involved in the greater Cincinnati community through research, volunteering and service learning. Courses I have taught include American History, Global Environmental History, Race and the Environment, and Environmental Activism. I am also firmly committed to international education, and have taught through the University Study Abroad Consortium in Chengdu, China. 

Finally, I am also the director of the UCBA Honors Program, and work to provide a tremendous experience for all of our honors students. 

Environmental Activism and the Urban Crisis: Baltimore, St. Louis, Chicago. Philadelphia: Temple University Press, May 2014. Paperback July 2015. 
Refereed Articles and Book Chapters  
“Pruitt-Igoe in the Suburbs: Connecting White Flight, Sprawl and Climate Change in Metropolitan America” for “Bounded Democracy,” special issue of American Studies/Amerikastudien, edited by Bryant Simon and Anke Ortlepp. December 2020. 
“Don’t Do it in the Lake: Gordon Sherman and the Public Interest in Postwar Chicago,” for City of Lake and Prairie: Chicago’s Environmental History, William Barnett, Kathleen Brosnan and Ann Durkin Keating, eds. Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Press, 2020.

“Environmental and Conservation Movements in Urban America,” in Oxford Research Encyclopedia in American History, edited by Jon Butler. Oxford University Press. Published online October 2018.
“Not Quite Suburban: Progressive Politics in Postwar Chicago” in Social Justice in Diverse Suburbs: History, Politics, and Prospects, edited by Christopher Niedt. Philadelphia: Temple University Press, 2013.
 “We Must Destroy You to Save You: Highway Construction and the City as a Modern Commons,” Radical History Review, Issue 109, Theme: “Enclosure,” Winter 2011.
“How can any community be expected to accept such a scar?: The Movement Against Destruction and Environmental Activism in Postwar Baltimore,” in Common Ground: Integrating the Social and Environmental in History, edited by Genevieve Massard-Guilbaud and Stephen Mosley. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars, 2011.
“Get the Lead Out: Environmental Politics in 1970s St. Louis,” Journal of Urban History, 36 (4), May 2010.
Public History Projects
Over-the-Rhine Museum, Cincinnati, Ohio, Board Member 2015-present; Chair 2019-present. http://otrmuseum.org/
Rethinking Porkopolis: Cincinnati and the Ecology of Slavery museum exhibition and speaker series in partnership with the Harriet Beecher Stowe House, Cincinnati, OH. September to December 2016. Project director, chief historian and curato
Headshot of Timothy Steven Forest

Timothy Steven Forest

Associate Professor, UCBA History



Dr. Timothy S. Forest is currently an associate professor in Modern European History at the University of Cincinnati – Blue Ash.  His research interests lie in settler colonialism, state-directed colonization, frontiers, and issues of race, gender and identity in the British and French empires in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.  
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Margo M Lambert

Associate Professor of History, UCBA History



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Matthew D. Norman

Associate Professor of History, UCBA History



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Ornaith Mary ODowd

Associate Professor of Philosophy, UCBA History



I am a philosopher specializing in ethics, social and political philosophy, and feminist philosophy. My published work and conference presentations have focused on Kantian ethics, the role of care in moral theory, and moral responsibility in the context of systemic problems. 
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Ionas Aurelian Rus

Associate Professor, UCBA History



                 My main fields of specialization are Comparative Politics and International Relations. My main research interests, publications (book, articles, etc.) and presentations deal with nationalism, elections and civic culture, especially in Romania, Moldova, Italy and Austria, and also recent U.S. elections. I am teaching Introduction to American Politics during the falls and springs, one section of Introduction to International Relations in the falls, and one section of Introduction to Comparative Politics during the springs.

Adjunct Faculty

Headshot of Everett Campbell

Everett Campbell

Adjunct Instructor of History

Headshot of Jennifer Dye

Jennifer Dye

Adjunct Instructor of Political Science

Headshot of Kelsi Goins

Kelsi Goins

Adjunct Instructor of Student Success

Headshot of Joshua Gulley

Joshua Gulley

Adjunct Instructor of Philosophy

Headshot of Matthew Hall

Matthew Hall

Adjunct Instructor of History

Headshot of Ann Harris

Ann Harris

Adjunct Instructor of Geography

Headshot of Laurie Malone

Laurie Malone

Adjunct Instructor of Exploratory Studies

Headshot of Becky Meadows

Becky Meadows

Adjunct Instructor of Philosophy

Headshot of Tom Minter, MA

Tom Minter, MA

Adjunct Associate Professor of History and Political Science

Muntz Hall 125


Headshot of Peter Obermark

Peter Obermark

Adjunct Instructor of Religious Studies

Headshot of Cynthia Partridge

Cynthia Partridge

Adjunct Instructor of Exploratory Studies

Headshot of Allison Schottenstein

Allison Schottenstein

Adjunct Instructor of History

Headshot of Tom West

Tom West

Adjunct Instructor of Student Success

Headshot of Catherine Willoughby

Catherine Willoughby

Adjunct Instructor of Exploratory Studies

Headshot of Kelly F. Wright

Kelly F. Wright

Adjunct Associate Professor, UCBA History



Emeritus Faculty

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Andrea Tuttle Kornbluh, PhD

Professor of History and Women's Studies, Emeritus Andrea.Kornbluh@uc.edu

Joseph McClusky, PhD

Associate Professor of Philosophy, Emeritus Joseph.McClusky@uc.edu
John McNay, PhD Professor of History  


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