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Radiologic Technology Selective Admission Requirements

The Radiologic Imaging Technology program at UC Blue Ash College follows a holistic selective admission process for accepting new students. This means that multiple factors are considered, not just course grades and grade point average (GPA). Students must meet the minimum qualifications and requirements to apply but meeting the minimum qualifications and requirements does not guarantee admission to the program. The highest achieving applicants as compared to those who apply that year will be accepted based on the number of clinical positions available.

The following are the minimum criteria and additional requirements that must be met to be considered for admission to the next Radiologic Imaging Technology program cohort. These criteria are similar for all the selective admissions programs at UC Blue Ash, but there are some differences and program specific requirements that you need to fulfill. Please make sure you are aware of all the requirements as students may only apply twice to the program. Attending a program information session will help you to navigate and understand the selective admissions requirements. 

Radiologic Technology Selective Program Admission Minimum Criteria

These are the minimum criteria that must be met to be considered for the program. If If you do not meet the minimum requirements, you should not submit a selective program admission application. By enrolling in Pre-Health Professions, an advisor can help you to navigate as you work towards the requirements for Radiologic Technology and help you to apply once you have met them. Your Pre-Health Professions advisor can assist you with putting together a parallel plan that will enable you to apply to more than one program. For more information, vist UCBA selective admissions parallel plan.

Students who will meet the minimum selective program admission criteria by the end of UC's Spring semester are encouraged to apply to the Radiologic Technology program using the online application from the first day of Spring semester in January to the last business day of February. The application, essay, and healthcare experience form (if applicable) must be submitted with your application.

Minimum Criteria

  1. Must be a UC student
  2. Minimum college GPA of 3.0 or higher
  3. Completion of the following courses by end of Spring semester of the application year with grade C or above of courses listed below:
    • English Composition - ENGL 1011
    • Introduction to Health Professions - ALH 1011
    • Medical Terminology - HLSC 2012
    • Anatomy and Physiology I and II - BIOL 2001C and BIOL 2002C
    • College Algebra (QR) - MATH 1021
  4. Completion or in progress of courses courses listed below by end of Summer semester of the application year:
    • Introduction to Sociology (SS) - SOC 1001
    • World Literature I ENGL 2021 or World Literature II ENGL 2022
    • Contemporary Moral Issues (SCE) PHIL 1025 or Introduction to Ethics (SCE) PHIL 1003 or Introduction to Psychology (SS) PSYC 1001
    • Pathophysiology for Health Professions - ALH 2071
    • Intermediate Composition - ENGL 2089
    • Elementary Statistics I (QR) - STAT 1034
    • 1 General Education elective with any of the breadth of knowledge designations : NS, SS, HU, or FA
    • 2 General Education electives with HP designation

English Proficiency Requirements

It is highly recommended that international students contact the UC International Office prior to applying to this program.

Students who have not graduated from a U.S. or English-speaking high school must complete an English proficiency requirement from the list of exams below with the following exceptions:

  • Student has taken full year of high school in the U.S. and earned a passing grade in one year of standard English (not ESL).
  • Student has earned a passing grade on the O-level English exam.
  • Student has pass the first year of IB English (SL or HL) with a score of 5 or higher
  • Student has attended a full year of school in a country whi has been deemed as English proficient

High to intermediate range must be achieved on examination(s) for students who do not meet one of the four exceptions listed above.


  • Overall: 72
  • Speaking sub-score 20
  • Listening sub-score 17


  • Overall 6.0
  • Speaking sub-score 6.5
  • Listening sub-score 5.5


  • Overall 50 (concords with 72 on the TOEFL)
  • CEFR level B2 (easiest)  = 51-58
  • CEFR level B2  = 59-75

Cambridge Assessment

  • English 175
  • IELTS 6.0 = 169-175
  • IELTS 6.5 = 176-184
  • CEFR level: B2 = 160-179

Duolingo English test (DET)

  • Overall 95
  • Production sub-score 112
  • Conversation sub-score 88

Additional Credit Towards Selective Admission Evaluation

1. The Reflective Essay

Write a reflective essay answering the prompt:

"Pease describe the greatest challenge that you have experienced in your life, the resources and skills that you used to through this challenge, and the lessons that you learned." 

Formatting and length requirements for the essay

  • Title with your UC M number only, DO NOT TYPE YOUR NAME ON THE ESSAY
  • The essay should not reveal your identity
  • 350-500 words
  • Font: Times New Roman, 12 pt
  • Double spaced
  • One-inch margins all sides
  • Left text alignment
  • Save as PDF

Criteria used to score the essay

  • Thorough description of the:
    • life challenge
    • impact on your life
    • resources and skills that you used to work through the challenge
    • life lessons learned from the challenge
  • The information should be well organized, sequenced, and constructed with no misspelt words, or errors in punctuation and grammar
  • Formatting and length requirements are met

2. In-Person Writing Assessment 

When you complete the selective admission application, you will be given a link to register for a writing assessment. This assessment is administered in a computer lab on the UC Blue Ash college campus. You must use the computers provided in the computer lab. The topic prompt will be given to you when you arrive for the assessment. 

Scores will be awarded for following the criteria:

  • thorough response to the prompt
  • information is well organized, sequenced and constructed with no misspelt words, or errors in punctuation or grammar
  • Formatting and length requirements are met

3. Survey of Career Knowledge

A link to a survey of your knowledge of the radiologic technology profession will be emailed to your UC email account when you submit your appliation.

4. Healthcare Experience

Credit towards the selective admission process will be awarded to those applicants with employment, volunteering, or extensive observation in a human medical setting (i.e., hospital, physicians' office, nursing home, hospice, outpatient clinic, rehabilitation center) equal to 20 or more hours. Applicants who have completed 80 or more hours will receive the maximum number of points. Information can be submitted with the application by downloading and submitting the Healthcare Experience Form PDF

5. Attend an Information Session

Applicants should attend one program information session in the academic year of their application. 

6. Honorable Military Service

7. Fluency in another language in addition to English

8. First generation college student

Please note that honorable military service, language fluency, and first generation college status statistics will be voluntarily collected as part of the Survey of Career Knowledge.

The Selection Process

In addition to meeting the minimum requirements, the following criteria are considered to determine the most qualified candidates for the program:

  1. The highest rankings are given to those students who earn grade B or higher in the following courses: 
  • English Composition - ENGL 1001
  • Introduction to Health Professsions - ALH 1011
  • Medical Terminology - HLSC 2012
  • Anatomy and Physiology I and II - BIOL 2001C and BIOL 2002C
  • College Algebra - MATH 1021

2. Most recent cumulative college GPA

Additional Important Information

Application to the Radiologic Imaging Technology program does not guarantee program admission and students can apply to the Program only twice. Students who meet the minimum criteria by the end of UC's Spring semester will be considered for admission and notified with acceptance or denial to the program via their UC email account.

Students must confirm their acceptance to the program by replying to the survey link in the email by the deadline stated in the email, which is often less than one week. Please be advised that initial acceptance is conditional upon successful completion of the Summer semester courses, mandatory physical exam, vaccination record, background check, and drug screening. An ethics pre-review will be conducted if applicabel.


Contact Information

Allied Health Department
Phone: 513-558-7928
Email: ucbaalhdept@uc.edu