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25Live Scheduling Database

The 25Live Scheduling System allows UC Blue Ash faculty and staff the ability to look up room availability for meetings and events. Faculty and staff are then able to take the information they gather in the system, and submit either a simple meeting request in 25live or a detailed event request form. View the full list of active users for UC Blue Ash College

Access 25Live

For those who have completed training on 25Live, the following link provides access the 25Live system. Schedule a meeting, see available rooms and see details for events.

Additional Scheduling Resources

  • Event Services: Are you interested in more than just a simple meeting? Use our event services page to get more information on what you'll need, and book your event using the Event Services Form.
  • 25Live Training Sessions: Training sessions for new users will be held on a request by request basis. Let us know you are interested in being trained and we will keep you informed about upcoming sessions.
  • UC Blue Ash College Room Index: The room index is a spreadsheet that has every UCBA space, and specific information about its capabilties and scheduling availability. This table is a great resource for finding available space and making sure you know what that space can be used for and when.

Having Issues?

Experiencing glitches or problems in 25Live? Let us know what type of problems you are having and we will be happy to assist. Just email tracy.herrmann@uc.edu with any questions, concerns, or issues that you are having. Please provide as much detail as possible.


Contact Information

Tracy Herrmann

Associate Dean of Academic Affairs
Muntz Hall 140