UC Blue Ash College

New Faculty Frequently Asked Questions

Sign into Catalyst, click on the Faculty Center tab, and click on my schedule. Click on the Class Roster icon next to the course name for your class roster.

Go to the UC Registrar, click on the appropriate semester, then you can pick the link appropriate to the information you are seeking. You can also find withdrawal and other key dates at this site. 

New faculty are to initiate all new ID requests through the website https://idphoto.uc.edu/. The first ID is free. The badge can be used to access buildings and adjunct faculty workspaces in Muntz Hall after hours. A headshot or passport picture meeting specifications is needed. Our communications department can help.

When you were added to the system, the Blue Ash College IT department contacted University of Cincinnati Instructional Technology (UCIT) to generate your UC email. It will be your 6+2 (i.e., your username for central login)@ucmail.uc.edu. Sign in at UC online mail. Be sure check your UC email regularly for important announcements and information. Use your UC email for regular communication with students, especially those messages related to student progress and grades in order to assure security and student privacy.  

Go to the Employee Self Service Website. Your login is your central login, which is the username and password you have for Canvas. At this site, you will set up your direct deposit information. UC does not issue paper checks anymore: it is all direct deposit. 

  • To park in the yellow faculty/staff parking spaces, a decal is required and can be requested online. You will receive notification when your decal is ready for pick-up at the welcome desk as you enter Muntz Hall, or it will be mailed to you.
  • There is a $15.00 charge taken automatically from your monthly paycheck.
  • Your decal must be displayed at all times or you may receive a ticket.
  • Faculty/staff with a UC Blue Ash (UCBA) parking permit have reciprocity parking privileges on the uptown campuses. Reciprocity parking is as follows:
    • 8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. - two hour parking at the Clifton Lot or on Panzeca Way behind Eden Garage (Medical Campus)
    • 3:00 p.m. - 7:59 a.m. - Unlimited parking at the above locations, as well as access to Campus Green Garage

If you are a full-time, tenure track faculty member, the University will reimburse you for conference travel. Watch for updates from the UC Blue Ash Business Office or talk with your program coordinator. Please note that all travel must be pre-approved by your department chair so talk with them before making travel arrangements. Visit the Concur travel expense system for full details.

Contact the program coordinator for your department in person or by email at baacdsup@ucmail.uc.edu

Many standard applications are available through the UCBA App Catalog. To access the catalog type “UCBA” in your computer’s search window.  If you cannot access the desired software or app, email  ithelp@ucblueash.edu with your request, and they will either push the new software to your computer for you, or they will log into your computer and upload it for you.

Call the Information Technology department at extension 513-558-9581 or email ithelp@ucblueash.edu.   

You will need to email UCBA IT in order to have any new software installed on your computer or use the UCBA Catalog. You may need to check in with them in person in Muntz 110 if you are having trouble connecting your wireless device on the UCBA Wireless.

There is a cabinet of office supplies in the photocopy room on the first floor of Walters and in the mail room on the first floor of Muntz. If you require something that is not in the general cabinets, speak to the program coordinator for your department.  

The instructor has 10 business days after discovering the misconduct to formally notify the student of the allegation. If the instructor does not notify the student within 10 business days, the allegation will be dismissed. Formal notification entails completing a Notification Form and sending it to the student via email or in person. Under the Student Code of Conduct (SCOC), students must return the form within 5 business days and are allowed to continue in the course without prejudice until the academic misconduct process has concluded. The academic misconduct process concludes after students have exhausted their appeal and/or the time to appeal the outcome has lapsed.

Other steps in the process and additional information can be found at the Academic Integrity webpage. Select Information for Faculty. If you need additional guidance on the procedure, consult your department chair and College Conduct Administrator (CCA), who at Blue Ash is the Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs, Greg Metz.

You should have a clear plagiarism policy in your syllabus. Plagiarism checkers are available on Canvas.  

In the event of a medical emergency, your first priority is the safety of the student and then the rest of the class.

  • Make sure the student who is in distress is not endangering himself. Have the student lie on the floor, if possible, with a clear airway, neck support, and sufficient covering to stay warm.
  • Designate one student to call campus security at 513-558-9454 or 911 from a classroom phone.
  • Designate another student to stand at the door to direct emergency personnel to the room.
  • Ask the rest of the students to leave the classroom.
  • Stay with the student, offering appropriate support, until the emergency personnel arrive.

From any web-connected computer or mobile device, you can check your mail through a browser at Office 365 or via Bearcats Landing.

You will have access to the Secure wireless network. Learn about information technology at UC Blue Ash and get directions on how to set up your employee account. If you have difficulties connecting, go to Information Technology in Muntz 112, and they will be able to help get your computer configured.

Check out the online faculty handbook. This is a Sharepoint site which will require your UC Central Login user name and password.

You must send the person to the UC Blue Ash College Accessibility Resources office. They are available online, and in person,

Muntz Hall • Room 112L
Phone: 513-792-8625

The student will receive a form/letter from Accessibility Resources indicating accommodation(s) for which the student is eligible. If the student chooses to seek accommodations for your class, the student presents the form to you for your signature. If instructors have questions or concerns at any point in the process, they should contact the Director of Accessibility Resources, Pamela Goines.

Encourage students to register with the Accessibility Resources early by putting information about this office in your syllabus. Below is the suggested statement from the UC Blue Ash Accessibility Resources Office.

Accessibility Resources provides assistance to students with all types of disabilities. Students may be eligible for classroom note takers, adapted testing, audio books, enlarged print, sign language interpreters, and other services as needed. The Accessibility Resources Office is also an information and referral center for all students, faculty and staff who have disability concerns or questions. Information can be obtained on a number of issues, including community services and resources, types of adaptive equipment, accessibility modifications for home or office, adapted sports and recreation and more.

Yes, there are mental health resources available at UC Blue Ash. Information is available at Counseling Services webpage.

The UC Blue Ash Writing and Study Skills Center is available to assist students. The Writing Center can be found in the computer concourse, in room 112K. 

ESL students can get support by visiting the UC Blue Ash Writing and Study Skills Center. The Writing Center can be found in the computer concourse, in room 112K. Appointments can be made through TutorTrac at the link above.

The Math Lab is located in Muntz Hall Room 112G. 

No appointment is necessary to get help from the academic tutors and the selected student tutors, or to use the supplementary materials available in the lab. When not busy with other students, the tutors will be glad to help students over the telephone with problems from textbooks used in UCBA classes.

The UC Blue Ash Writing and Study Skills Center is available to assist students. The Writing Center can be found in the computer concourse, in room 112K. 

The Science Learning Lab can be found in Walters Hall room 200. 

Some key elements that are suggested: Instructor’s name, office hours, phone and email address, course title, number, description. Student Learning Outcomes for the course; daily schedule and assignments, due dates clearly marked; Expectations and policies for the class and for grading; Breakdown of how grades are calculated (percentage), Grading scale (if more specific than university basic scale). Please include the Academic Conduct statement, Disabilities statement and Support Services and others that you may deem appropriate.

Faculty senate also passed a resolution stating that faculty would include language explaining how in the rare case of emergency cancellation of a class, such cancellation will be communicated to students. The Associate Dean will provide additional information for syllabi prior to the start of each semester. To assure continuity, be sure to check eCurriculum for the official course description and student learning outcomes to publish on your course syllabus. Your Program Coordinator can help you gain access to this information.  

Visit the Faculty Resources webpage under the UC Blue Ash Accessbility Office section for details. Visit resources from the UC Accessibility Network

  • Students can ask for help from the student assistants in the computer concourse.
  • Students can contact the Service Desk or call 513-556-4357.
  • The UCIT Knowledge Base also includes many videos and instructions for students.
  • Canvas Guides for Students
  • All students have a Canvas account and a course titled Canvas 101 introducing them to the basics.

Visit the online home of the UC Benefits office.

Do not hesitate to call the HR office at 513-556-6381 for specific questions.

Blue Ash College faculty and students can join the Blue Ash Recreational Center for the local business membership fees. You must show a current printout of your paycheck from UCFLEX to verify employment. It is located two minutes from campus on 4433 Cooper Road (45242) and the phone number is 513-745-8550. Check out the Blue Ash Recreation Center.

University of Cincinnati employees also get a discounted membership at the Blue Ash YMCA. Visit the Blue Ash YMCA website. It is located 10 minutes from campus at 5000 YMCA Drive Cincinnati, OH 45242 and the phone number is 513-791-500.

You may also join the fitness center at the uptown campus for a fee.

The college rarely closes due to weather or other circumstances. If it does, the UC Website and Canvas will have an institutional announcement posted that indicates the closing. The College sends notices to faculty, staff and students via UC email. You can also sign up for a text to be delivered to your phone. Please note:  When the college is closed due to inclement weather or other emergencies, faculty and students are not to be on campus.

If UC is open during inclement weather, all faculty are expected to meet with their classes as scheduled. Do NOT cancel classes because you do not want students to venture out into the weather. This is a University decision and is not the decision of the faculty member.  Plan ahead and leave home early if you anticipate treacherous driving, so you can get to class on time. If you absolutely cannot make it to campus, a cancellation notice should be posted on Canvas as well as emailed to all students in the class. Make sure you are familiar with departmental policies. In many cases, your department chair will want you to also let them know you are cancelling class (see question below).

Faculty are expected to meet with every scheduled class for the full contact hours on the schedule. For an emergency when class must be cancelled, call your departmental program coordinator. If your program coordinator is out, email baacdsup@ucmail.uc.edu. *(Note: We recommend that you keep the number of your program coordinator in your phone.) Email your department chair. Post an announcement on Canvas and email it to students in the class. Give students an alternative assignment over the material from that day. The procedures below are college-wide. Check with your department chair about any additional reporting requirements.

Faculty do not have “vacation time” or “personal days.” You may not cancel a class for personal appointments. If you must miss a class due to conference attendance, you must consult with your department chair well before the event to make appropriate arrangements. This planned absence should be included in the schedule on your syllabus.

If you are ill, and you must cancel class, call the department program coordinator* to put up a class cancellation sign for you, email all your students, and post an announcement on your Canvas LMS site. Notify your department chair immediately. Consult with your department chair about what kind of make-up arrangements will be appropriate. If you must be absent several days because of illness, your department chair will work out ways to cover the classes so that students do not miss instruction.

Full-time faculty covered by the AAUP Collective Bargaining Agreement accrue “sick time” and must report it (Article 17.4 and 17.5.) Report time off at UC Flex Employee Self Service (ESS) site.

Term adjunct faculty not covered by the CBA do not accrue sick time, so they do not report using this system. Instead, reporting the time off to the department chair is essential. 

For emergencies, such as car trouble, time off/failure to meet with a scheduled class is reported to the department program coordinator and the department chair. Contact students if possible or seek assistance from your departmental program coordinator. 

  • “WX” (Official withdrawal, Non-attendance/participation): Instructors will record a “WX” for those students who officially withdrew from the class (as denoted on the Online Class Grading roster by either “EW” or “W”) but who never attended any classes and did not submit any assigned work. If the student has not participated in the class, the instructor should replace a “W” appearing on the Online Class Grading roster with a "WX" by clicking "no" participation for that student. An assignment of “WX” has no impact on the student’s GPA, but it does have an impact on a student’s financial aid, and, for legal purposes, faculty must accurately report participation and non-participation. (Students may ask for a “W” instead, but faculty have no authority to grant that request. Federal law requires accurate reporting for financial aid purposes.) A “W” will appear on the student’s online grade report and on the transcript. The “WX” recognizes the student’s official withdrawal from the class and only records the fact of non-participation. Visit the Registrar's website for more information.
  • "UW" (Unofficial Withdrawal, Attendance/participation): Instructors will record a “UW” (unofficial withdrawal) only for students who cease to attend a class following some attendance or participation. The "UW" carries zero (0.00) quality points. It is calculated into the GPA like the "F" grade.
  • “X” (Unofficial Withdrawal, Non-attendance/participation): Instructors will record an “X” on the final grade roster for students who never attended any classes and did not submit any assigned work. The “X” will appear on the transcript and will carry zero (0.00) quality points.  It is calculated into the GPA like the “F” grade. Federal law requires accurate reporting of participation and non-participation.
  • "I" (Incomplete): No grade quality points (none) during first quarter after the "I" is incurred; thereafter, zero (0.0000) grade quality points. Instructors use the "I" when students fail to submit all of the required coursework by the end of the quarter, and there is a legitimate reason the student could not complete the work during the term. Only award the "I" if it is possible for students to complete the work without class attendance. (Students cannot be permitted to attend the class the next term without enrolling in it.) Instructors should provide students with expected deadlines in writing before agreeing to an “I.” Instructors have the right to refuse to award an “I”/extend time to complete work and simply assign the grade earned at the end of the term. In undergraduate courses, after one year the "I" automatically changes to the "I/F," which carries zero (0.00) quality points and affects the student's GPA like the "F" grade. Instructors may use the one-year deadline or may set a deadline earlier than one year for the completion of the work. If the student completes the work, the instructor will then change the grade from I to the grade earned by completing a change-of-grade form and submitting it to the UCBA Registration Office in OneStop. 

No, do not give an F to someone who has never shown up for class! For this, you give an “X” (Unofficial Withdrawal, Non-attendance/participation). Instructors will record an “X” on the final grade roster for students who never attended any classes and did not submit any assigned work. The “X” will appear on the transcript and will carry zero (0.00) quality points. It is calculated into the GPA like the “F” grade.

To submit your grades, go to Catalyst to access video instructions for posting grades. Use your central login to access the grading area. 

Students should not be permitted to attend class if they are not registered. Class capacity is typically based on a room capacity, pedagogy, etc. Some course registrations are set to include a waiting list where students will be automatically enrolled in the course when their turn comes up. For these reasons, be sure to consult with your department chair before acting upon any student request to be added to a full course. Deadlines are also set by the registrar’s office to limit the amount of course time missed by late enrolling students. Late adds are discouraged and require both instructor and Associate Dean approval.  

Late withdraws must be approved by both the faculty member and the Associate Dean or designee from that student’s home college. They are only approved in extreme circumstances that may include severe illness, mental health concerns, hardship, or personal loss. If you believe a withdraw is warranted after the online withdrawal deadline and the student’s home college is UC Blue Ash, please refer the student to the online withdraw form located online at this link: UC Blue Ash Student Requesting Permission to Withdraw Past Deadline. If the student’s home college is not UC Blue Ash, please refer the student to One Stop. They will be asked to provide detailed documentation regarding their circumstances.  Late withdraws will not be approved to counteract poor grades or because a student missed the deadline to withdraw.  

First, you should check with your department chair because some sequenced courses share a textbook. If you are ordering textbooks for yourself, you can visit the UC Blue Ash bookstore online. You can also email your book order to 0030mgr@follett.com.

Use your ID card on the key-card entry. Swiping your ID will get you into the building where your office is located after-hours, but not any other building.

Wireless access is available in all rooms on campus, although the signal may be weaker in some rooms than others. 

Contact your department program coordinator.

There are many social activities that take place in the Blue Ash area during the summer and fall. View the full list of activities online.

Adjunct faculty can contact the department chair or program coordinator for information concerning office space. Please note that adjunct offices are shared spaces, so personal items should never be left alone in these areas.

Acronym Glossary

  • AAUP: American Association of University Professors (our faculty union)
  • AFTL: Academy of Fellows for Teaching and Learning (honorary society for teaching scholars)
  • CCP: College Credit Plus (a way that high school students may attend our courses)
  • CETL: Center for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning (the Uptown Campus faculty development center)
  • CPAS: College Program for Academic Success
  • EAP: Employee Assistance Portal (online employee assistance program, where you find your pay check)
  • FLC: Faculty Learning Community (a group of faculty that meet over the course of the year)
  • FYE: First Year Experience (the discipline specific program that creates a coherent experience for first year students)
  • IFAT: Instant Feedback Assessment Technique (scratch off forms used for group quizzes)
  • LMS: Learning Management System (UC is transitioning from Blackboard to Canvas)
  • LTC: The Learning and Teaching Center (the UCBA faculty development center)
  • PRS: Personal Response System (also referred to as “clickers”)
  • PTA: Primary Trait Assessment (our chosen assessment system of using rubrics to assess courses)
  • RPT: Reappointment, Promotion and Tenure (the system for faculty review and promotion)
  • SLO: Student Learning Outcome (the concrete, measurable, student centered achievements that a student demonstrates at the end of a course of study.)
  • 6+2: You UCID used for all Single Sign In systems.  Typically, a combination of last name, first and middle initials.


Contact Information

Brenda Refaei
Co-Director, UCBA L+TC

María Ortiz
Co-Director, UCBA L+TC