UC Blue Ash College

Freshman Credit Policy

Effective since the 2014-15 academic year, we have implemented a policy that requires incoming UC Blue Ash College freshmen to complete 24 credits before enrolling in any classes at the UC Uptown campus. This new policy is designed to support our students; we want to be sure that they succeed in their first year of college and take advantage of our exceptional teaching, smaller class sizes, free academic support services, and academic advising. Students will receive more detailed information about this new policy at orientation and we encourage them to speak to their academic advisor during orientation if they have specific questions about when they can enroll in classes at the UC Uptown campus.

Freqently Asked Questions

To help with understanding of the new policy, we are providing answers to the frequently asked questions.

It is designed to support academic success for new students. Data from Institutional Research shows that students who are referred to our college, but take at least one-fourth of their classes in UC Uptown, do not perform as well as those who take all of their classes at our college.

Our focus is on exceptional teaching and taking the time to help students who might be struggling with adjusting to a college-level curriculum. We do this through our talented professors, smaller class sizes, free academic support services, and personal attention.

Exceptions to the policy will be considered on an individual basis and may be allowed in certain circumstances.

You will save money by taking all of your classes at UC Blue Ash in your first year. The tuition rates at UC Blue Ash are about half of those for the UC Uptown campus.

Only a small percentage of our freshman students take classes at the UC Uptown campus, but this policy addresses a growing trend.

Yes. But only a limited number of spaces are reserved for UCBA students.

You can still take advantage of the student life activities that are available in Uptown. Our students are UC students; that will never change.


Contact Information

Academic Affairs - Greg Metz
Muntz Hall | Room 140
Phone: 513-745-5670
Email: metzgy@ucmail.uc.edu