UC Blue Ash College

New Employee Guide First 30 Days

Your First 30 Days

As you round out the first month, there are some items you need to make sure to have taken care of before 45 days have passed.

For New Staff/Faculty

  • Online training requirements. Complete your online required training modules. The links wll be emailed to you.

For New Student Workers

  • Optional: Turn in retirement exemption form.
    • OPERS is the State Retirement Fund that staff and student workers pay into.
    • OPERs will send you an email with a form to opt out of paying to OPERs. This is optional and you have 30 days to decide.


Contact Information

Kristy Otten
Human Resources Coordinator
Muntz Hall | Room 140
Phone: 513-558-7858
Email: ottenkr@ucmail.uc.edu