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Event Services

UC Blue Ash College faculty, staff, students and alumni participate in hundreds of activities and events every year. Because events are a core part of how we communicate, interact, and engage with each other and the community, UC Blue Ash has an Events Department to assist with the preparation and execution of events. The Event Department coordinates efforts with various other UC Blue Ash departments to assist in providing a wide array of services quickly and efficiently, to make it easier for faculty, staff, and students to plan and execute their events.

Available Event Services

The Events Department at UC Blue Ash coordinates a wide array of services and tasks for events and meetings. Here is a list of some of the most commonly requested services:

  • Events
    • Room reservation in 25 Live
    • Catering Services: recommended list of catering providers
    • Event planning
  • Communications Assistance
    • Design of posters and flyers
    • Photographer request
    • Post major events on UC Website
    • Registration request form 
    • Invitation for major events
  • Facility
    • Room setup: tables, chairs and trash cans
    • Housekeeping: room clean before and after events
  • IT & Technology Services 
    • Audio equipment: microphones and podium
    • Projector-network connection
    • Provide Wi-Fi information
  • Student Life
    • Request Student Ambassadors for events
  • Security Services
  • Accessible Accommodations 

The Event Services Form

In order to have the services above provided, you must complete an Event Services Form. The Event Services Form is your launching point for the services you need for your event or meeting. The form is designed to be able to assist you no matter what stage of the process you are in.

Event Consultations

The Events Department is the place to help clients create and promote educational, social, and cultural events to service our community. Here are list of items to be addressed during the consultation meeting.

  • Identify client goals: what are your desired outcomes?
  • Create a budget to include all expenses
  • Select a vendor for food, review the catering list
  • Explore ways to promote the event
  • Discuss IT and Facility needs
  • Submit event dates in 25Live
  • Complete an event form
  • Review overall event success

Frequently Asked Questions

You should complete the Event services form if you need any assistance with your event or meeting for a UCBA department. This could be setting up a room, having housekeeping, security, communications, design, or IT. It could also be if you need registration forms or a way to pay for tickets or admission, or even having ambassador assistance. 

The Events Department is able to assist in scheduling your event. You can complete an Event Services Form, and specify that space needs to be reserved. The Events Department can then suggest rooms or dates for your event or you can provide the details. 

Note: You may also have already completed reserving the space you need for your event in 25Live through the meeting scheduling process or from a user in 25live. You are able to indicate this on the Event Services Form. 


Contact Information

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UC Blue Ash College
Office: 513-558-7703
Email: events@ucblueash.edu