UC Blue Ash College

Certificate Completion Process

This process is for UC Blue Ash students who are completing a one-year or professional certificate. In order to receive your certificate, you must complete an Application for Graduation with a Certificate in Catalyst by the required deadline.

Things to Consider

Before starting the application for graduation with a certificate, here are a few key things to consider:

  • Meet with your adviser to confirm you are ready to complete your certificate.
  • Make sure you submit before the required deadlines.

Deadlines to Submit Application for Graduation with a Certificate

Students in certificate programs should follow the same master calendar deadlines that are used for associate or baccalaurate programs. These deadlines vary for each term, so make sure you check when you must have completed the process.

Using the Catalyst Application

Submit a Certificate Graduation Application:

  • Log in to Catalyst.
  • Go to the "My Academic Tile"
  • Scroll the page down until "Application for Graduation with a Certificate" appears in the left-side navigation menu. Click that link.
  • Follow the steps to submit your application.
  • Remember that your application is not complete until you are presented with a final "application accepted" screen.


Contact Information

Laurie Malone
Director of Student Advising
Phone: 513-558-9388
Email: laurie.malone@uc.edu