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Post a job – The best way to connect to students seeking employment (co-op, full-time, and part-time) is via Handshake, UC's job portal. 

Co-Op & Internship Opportunities

The UCBA co-op 2.0 program provides an opportunity for students to engage in compensated, career-oriented work experiences and to reflect on and integrate the experience within their undergraduate degree program. By engaging in meaningful, career-related work experiences before graduation, students can develop transferable skills and a competitive edge for entering the workforce. Created with maximum flexibility, the UCBA co-op 2.0 program combines academic coursework with one or more full- or part-time, paid work experiences (often called “co-ops”). 

Co-ops are mutually beneficial for both the employer and the student.

This co-op program will:

  • Allow students to learn more about their field of interest through observation and direct participation in a job setting; 
  • Assist students in establishing future employment connections;
  • Allow students to complete substantial projects/tasks that will build on the skills learned in the classroom; and 
  • Provide employers with trained, well-screened students who can become their future full time employees.

The Co-op/Internship Program offers many advantages to you, the employer. Here are seven reasons why:

  1. Proven reduction in recruitment costs
  2. Opportunity to evaluate potential employees without a long-term commitment
  3. Perfect for short or long-term project needs, or for seasonal spikes in business 
  4. Provides you with ongoing support from the career services manager
  5. Allows you to shape your workforce by hiring candidates with skill levels ranging from entry-level competencies to those with technical and management skills
  6. Brings state-of-the-art, industry-relevant and technical knowledge to the workplace
  7. Allows you to develop qualified personnel trained to the company's standards.

Students can handle a wide variety of duties, depending on their amount of classroom learning, their major, and their previous work experience.

Is your business interested in hiring a UC Blue Ash Co-op/Intern student? Co-ops/Interns are available during all semesters. Please contact ucbacareerservices@uc.edu to discuss all the details about hiring a co-op/intern or posting a job.


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