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Student Government

The purpose of Student Government is to work with all students within the regional campus to address their needs and interests, and work to advance these needs and interests with the administration, professors, and the students at other campuses and colleges of the greater University of Cincinnati body.

Student Officers

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Issac Lukose


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Yessi Ailon Hernandez

Vice President

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Ka’Yare Dickson


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Jess Bollinger

Student Senator

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Evan Rich

Student Senator

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Kiara Berry

Public Relations Coordinator

Membership Information

There are two types of members:

  • Active Members: these members are able to participate in open elections for elected positions such as those outlined in Article XV. They are able to run for elected office and are expected to pursue the interests of the University of Cincinnati Blue Ash College “UCBA” and promote the general welfare of the Tribunal and college. These students must be currently enrolled at UCBA.
  • General Assembly Members: these members are those of the student body, regardless of college or matriculation status, who are currently taking classes at the University of Cincinnati. They are able to bring concerns, during regular meetings, or to the Leadership Committee, regarding University events, activities, programs, policies and initiatives to the attention of the Tribunal. General Assembly Members are not allowed to vote, nor run for office, but can work toward Active Member status if already a UCBA student.

Meeting Times

  • Tribunal Meetings: Every Wednesday from 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm


  • Article I - Duties of the Tribunal
    • Section 1: Leadership Committee
      • Subsection A - President
      • Subsection B - Vice President
      • Subsection C - Treasurer
      • Subsection D - Public Relations
      • Subsection E - Secretary
    • Section 2: Tribunal Senator(s)
    • Section 3: Term limits of Leadership Committee
    • Section 4: Involvement of Campus Life
  • Article II - Memberships
    • Section 1: Active Members
    • Section 2: General Assembly Members
  • Article III - Elections
    • Section 1: Leadership Committee
    • Section 2: Tribunal Senator(s)
    • Section 3: Vacancies
    • Section 4: Impeachment
    • Section 5: Recall of the Leadership Committee
  • Article IV - Allocation of funding
    • Section 1: Treasurer & Adviser
    • Section 2: Student Life -- Blue Ash & University of Cincinnati
  • Article V - Adviser
    • Section 1: Duties
    • Section 2: Appointment and terms
  • Article VI - Amendments


Article I - Name & Purpose

The University of Cincinnati undergraduate student government at the regional campus of Blue Ash shall bear the name University of Cincinnati Blue Ash College Tribunal “UCBA Tribunal”. This Tribunal will work with all students within the regional campus to address their needs and interests, and work to advance these needs and interests with the administration, professors, and the students at other campuses and colleges of the greater University of Cincinnati body.

Article II - Membership & Elections

The UCBA Tribunal shall be comprised of two membership types, active and general assembly members. Membership within the Tribunal shall have no cap on the number of students able to join this body. Students are free to participate in open discussion, express concerns over student affairs, and work to promote and maintain the spirit of the UCBA Tribunal Constitution and Bylaws through involvement within the Tribunal.

Section 1: Active Members are able to participate in open elections for elected positions such as those outlined in Article XV. They are able to run for elected office, and are expected to pursue the interests of the University of Cincinnati Blue Ash College “UCBA” and promote the general welfare of the Tribunal and college. These students must be currently enrolled at UCBA.

Section 2: General Assembly Members are those of the student body, regardless of college or matriculation status, who are currently taking classes at the University of Cincinnati. They are able to bring concerns regarding University events, activities, programs, policies and initiatives to the attention of the Tribunal. General Assembly Members are not allowed to vote, nor run for office, but can work toward Active Member status if already a UCBA student.

Section 3: Candidates for Tribunal Senator must come from UCBA. Any student seeking to run must be able to meet the requirements of office and meet with the President of the Tribunal prior to the elections. These students will be voted on in a general Tribunal Senator special election that will be run and overseen by the UCBA Tribunal. Results will be made public. Leadership, including Tribunal Senators, will be expected to collaborate with the larger University of Cincinnati Undergraduate Student Government. If no student runs for a certain position, the Advisor to the Tribunal will compile a list potential candidates, from which the Leadership Committee will select an individual to fulfill the position.

Article III - Meetings

The UCBA Tribunal will host a variety of meeting types throughout the academic school year. These meetings will serve different purposes per the following:

Section 1: General Open Meetings occur weekly at a time and location predetermined by the Leadership Committee. These meetings are to be made public in coordination with the Student Life & Engagement Office “Student Life” along with other offices as needed in order to maximize the number of participants.

Section 2: Executive Meetings are called by the President of the Tribunal, with the purpose of discussing sensitive items such as, but not limited to, impeachment, co-sponsorship of events, and Tribunal budgeting. These meetings may be conducted off campus as needed.

Section 3: Emergency Meetings are to be open to the public and should be announced as so. Active Members shall receive an email from the Leadership Committee about the meeting and what to expect as soon as possible. The Leadership Committee will have discretion over when and why these meetings will occur.

Section 4: Special Election Meetings will take place when there is an election being held these meetings will be called upon by the highest ranking member of the Leadership Committee.

Article IV - Leadership Committee

The Leadership Committee will be made up of seven elected students: a President, Vice-President, Director of Outreach, Secretary, Treasurer, and Two Tribunal Senators. Each of these members will be elected at the beginning of the spring semester, unless impeached or have resignation.

Article V - Adviser to Tribunal

The Adviser to the UCBA Tribunal must be a member from the faculty or staff of the college. This individual will be selected by the Leadership Committee in partnership with Student Life. The Adviser to the Tribunal will assist in facilitating meetings and advising the Leadership Committee. When constructing the budget, the Treasurer and the Adviser will meet and create a line item budget that will be presented each semester to the general body.

Article VI - Dean

The Office of the Dean at the college will have a personalized role with the Blue Ash Tribunal. As the official student voice of the college, the President, Vice President, and Student Senator(s) will arrange quarterly meetings with the Dean. The Dean will receive an advanced copy of the meeting agenda 2-weeks prior to each meeting in order to make for an efficient and effective meeting. The Associate to the Dean will arrange the meeting specifics with the members of the Tribunal.

Article VII - Amendments & Constitution

Amendments to the UCBA Tribunal are made by a process that must pass two student bodies, Student Senate and the Active Member body of the Blue Ash Tribunal.

Article VIII - Non-discriminatory Clause

Access to membership, guests, advisers, leadership committees, meetings (both executive and open) and events shall be free of discrimination on the basis of race, ethnicity, creed, gender, sexuality, nationality, political ideology, citizenship, age, marital status, military, or disability status.


Article I - Duties of the Tribunal

Section 1: Leadership Committee This committee exists in order to provide a leadership structure for the UCBA Tribunal, in order to best serve the members of the Tribunal as well as the student body of the college. The Leadership Committee will be in charge of event planning, election facilitation, meetings agendas, minutes, and budgeting, and will act as the acknowledged and centralized voice for the undergraduate student body of UCBA. Any member elected to the Leadership Committee must maintain a 2.2 Cumulative GPA and will hold themselves accountable for their actions toward their fellow students, UCBA, and the University of Cincinnati. These members will work to act in the interest of this institution and serve at the discretion of the UCBA Tribunal.

  • Subsection A - President The President acts as the head of the UCBA Tribunal body and Leadership Committee. This person is in charge of the operations and communication between local college administration and the rest of the student body of Blue Ash. The President is in charge of overseeing the rest of the Leadership Committee members. In addition to the roles directly at the college level of student government, the President will work closely with the Tribunal Senators and other members of Student Government to promote student voice and communication. This position plans and leads all Tribunal meetings. In addition to these responsibilities, the President must hold six office hours per week, to be recorded with the Secretary.
  • Subsection B - Vice President The Vice President, in the absence of the President, will preside over any and all meetings. This responsibility includes executing the agenda of the meetings, maintaining order, and making the best effort to communicate between any and all of the participants involved. This individual will work closely with the President to assist in any role that the President needs help with. In addition to these direct responsibilities, the Vice President will also work to connect other college organizations and affairs within the college Tribunal organization. The Vice President will hold six office hours per week, to be recorded with the Secretary.
  • Subsection C - Treasurer The Treasurer will maintain the UCBA Tribunal budget, oversee expenses, and present reports to both the Leadership Committee and the Tribunal. In addition to these roles stated above this individual will work closely with the Tribunal Adviser in creating a comprehensive yearly financial strategy for monetary use for this organization. This strategy will be reviewed at the start of each semester with semesterly updates to the Tribunal at an open meeting. Events that require expenditures will be approved by the Treasurer before planning the event to ensure that the necessary funds are available. The Treasurer will hold three office hours per week. 
  • Subsection D - Director of Outreach Shall serve as the chief marketing and point person for the UCBA Tribunal . They shall work to promote activities and events as well as projects to the students of Blue Ash in addition to maintaining a working relationship between the communications office and the student paper, The Activist. The Treasurer will hold three office hours per week.
  • Subsection E - Secretary The Secretary shall act as the primary recorder of the UCBA Tribunal . This member of the Leadership Committee will work closely with the President to maintain accountable attendance of meetings and events. This position will work with the Director of Outreach to provide constant updates to the Student Body at UCBA. They will serve a vital role in the election process and monitoring active member status. The Secretary will hold office hours to be kept with either the President or Vice-President.

Section 2: Tribunal Senator(s) Student Senators will represent the interest of the students at UCBA to the Student Senate at the Uptown Campus. As a member of Student Senate, Tribunal Senators are expected to follow the guidelines and requirements as stated in the University of Cincinnati Student Government Constitution and Bylaws.

Section 3: Term limits of Tribunal Leadership Each member of the Leadership Committee may serve no more than two consecutive terms. Each term consists of one full school year, starting at the beginning of the fall semester and concluding at the end of the summer semester.

Section 4: Involvement of Campus Life The UCBA Tribunal will work to promote the campus experience through a joint partnership with Student Life at UCBA. With this office, the Tribunal Leadership and members will invest time in developing partnerships with other organizations on campus. These partnerships can exist in the form of co-sponsorships, funding allocation, and or additional volunteers to help facilitate programs and events.

  • Subsection A - Leadership Committee: Director of Student Life New organizations that are pending approval will result in a review process with the Leadership Committee to include student perspective. The Leadership Committee will meet with Student Life to help review and provide feedback on the organization’s future contribution to campus life.
  • Subsection B - Improving Student Engagement In order to promote increased student engagement, UCBA organizations may request assistance from the UCBA Tribunal. This may come in three types of assistance as outlined below:
    • 1) Funding Allocation
    • 2) Co-Sponsorship**
    • 3) Team Member Support

Requests made to the Tribunal will be made either at executive or open meetings by a member of the requesting organization. Voting members must decide what course to take upon one week after a request is asked, after further discussion by the Tribunal body. If urgent need is requested, outside a public meeting, then the Leadership Committee may approve one of the three assistance types: Funding Allocation Regardless of the decision made by the Leadership Committee, the general Tribunal body will be notified of the decision and brought up as a topic within the next public meeting. It is highly encouraged that any of the request to improve student engagement be made prior to two weeks before the event or project. ** Co-sponsorship and involvement of events require a majority vote from the Tribunal’s voting members.

Article II - Memberships

Section 1: Active Members Matriculated students who are enrolled at UCBA are able to become active members upon the completion of attending three UCBA Tribunal events. Examples of events are, but not limited to, meetings, tabling planning, and fundraising. A record of attendance, by semester, will be kept by the Secretary. Active Membership will be established on a semester basis, and expires upon completion of the semester.

Section 2: General Assembly Members Students who are of the General Assembly are able to sit in on meetings, attend UCBA Tribunal events, construct and give presentations in meetings with the approval of the Leadership Committee, and voice concern to the Tribunal members. These students, however, are unable to vote or run for office within the Tribunal.

Article III - Elections

Section 1: Leadership Committee The Leadership Committee will host and oversee elections for Tribunal Senators and the Leadership Committee. Elections will take place the third week of January and last for 2 weeks. Each member of this committee will be allowed to serve out a one year term until the following spring election. The order of elections will be as follows:

  • Nominations and an Intent to Run form will be filled out, along with 20 signatures gathered from UCBA students and 2 signatures from UCBA Faculty. These forms will be maintained and ordered by the Secretary. **All candidates must run independently; no slates may be created**
  • Week 1, Will consist of campaigning, after candidates have completed their Intent to Run form and meet all the specifications for running a campaign. All campaigns are to follow the guidelines for traditional Student Government Campaigns per the Election Facilitation Committee.
  • Week 2 Meeting One, Candidates will meet for a Special Campaign Meeting in place of a weekly Tribunal Meeting. At this meeting candidates will be asked questions written by the Leadership Committee to provide another opportunity for the college to better know the candidates
  • Week 2 Election Day, the UCBA Tribunal will conduct the voting operations for the positions at hand. Voting will take place in a 4 hour window throughout the week during academic hours. The UCBA Tribunal will facilitate this election process. Once voting has ended for the week the results will be posted the following Monday.

Section 2: Tribunal Senator(s) Tribunal Senators are elected from matriculated students enrolled at UCBA. The election for an open seat will occur in the first week of February and consist of a process as follows: 

  • In the week prior to elections, Intent to Run will be made public at an open Tribunal Meeting, with the candidates meeting beforehand with the Leadership Committee to ensure that all requirements for the Senator position can be met.
  • Week one will consist of candidates who are able to run campaigning for the week. All campaigns are to follow the guidelines for traditional Student Government Campaigns per the Election Facilitation Committee.
  • Week two will have continued campaigning until the Wednesday of that week in which campaigns will conclude. Polling stations will be facilitated and operated by the UCBA Tribunal on campus. Two days of voting will be allowed and the results of the election will be made public that following Monday. All students that are matriculated at the campus of Blue Ash are able to vote and run for office. Those running for a Senator position are not required to be an “active member” with the Tribunal, but must be able to meet all the requirements of both Student Senate and Leadership committee before running.

Section 3: Vacancies In the case that a position within the Leadership Committee opens and remains unfilled, the Vice President will serve as interim within that role until a permanent candidate can be found. Elections for this vacancy must take place within a month of the position being open. Possible candidates must notify the President so that they can be announced to the Tribunal body one week prior to their special election.

Section 4: Impeachment Impeachment is held at the discretion of the most senior member of the Tribunal body who is not being considered for impeachment. Members of the Tribunal shall bring to the attention of this officer at least one of the following causes for impeachment:

  • Not fulfilling duties as outlined by the Bylaws or Constitution.
  • Missing three or more office hours without valid excuse.
  • Missing two or more meetings of any type without valid excuse.
  • Found actively violating the constitution or bylaws.
  • Dropping below a 2.2 GPA.
    • Subsection One- If the officer in question is indeed acting under a reason for impeachment, the most senior member of the Leadership Committee will proceed with an open Tribunal meeting to vote for the removal of the member in question. While the vote is being taken, the officer in question will not be allowed in the room. For removal to occur, a vote of two-thirds in favor of removal must be met.
    • Subsection Two - No further action will be taken against the member, regardless of if they have been impeached. They shall not be barred from attending Tribunal Meetings, participating in events, or retaining Active Member status. They may not be subject to impeachment for the same offence. If removed, the officer’s name, position, and reason for removal will be recorded and made public by the Leadership Committee.

Section 5: Recall of Leadership Committee At any point in a public meeting if an Active Member feels that the Leadership Committee is acting not in the best interest of the undergraduate student body this member is able to call upon a vote of no confidence within the Leadership Committee. This vote will be taken immediately at the meeting it is called. A majority (2/3) of the voting members present is required to pass this process, if passed, then an emergency election will be held and overseen by the Tribunal Adviser for new Leadership.

Article IV - Allocation of Funding

Section 1: Treasurer & Adviser In the role of Tribunal funding management the UCBA Tribunal Treasurer will work with the Adviser in order to maintain order processing of transactions. Receipts are to be kept on records. Check signings are to be co-signed with both the Treasurer and Adviser’s signatures for any all all financial obligations.

Section 2: Student Life -- UC Blue Ash & University of Cincinnati In addition to the relationship to the other offices at UCBA and the University of Cincinnati, the Student Life will work closely with the Tribunal and its leadership. The Student Life Director will work on a frequent basis, in assisting in Student Engagement at the Blue Ash campus with the Leadership Committee. The Leadership Committee will work with the appropriate members of Student Life to review prospective organizations, clubs, and organizational budgeting, and work to help plan the bi-yearly organization fairs.

Article V - Adviser

Section 1: Duties College Tribunal Adviser will work to facilitate operations of the UCBA Tribunal, such as this, these duties also fall into play.

  • Maintaining a strong working relationship with the Leadership Committee members, especially the President and Treasurer
  • Helping with outreach to offices within the college including Student Life, Dean’s Office, etc.
  • Working to promote awareness of Student Government to professional staff and faculty at UC Blue Ash
  • Be willing to consult with members of the Leadership Committee in times ofextenuating circumstances

Section 2: Appointment and terms The adviser will be selected by two bodies, through a joint partnership. The Student Life and the Leadership Committee. These two bodies will meet and discuss qualified candidates who expressed interest in taking on the role of Tribunal Adviser. Upon the completion of this vetting process the candidate will be invited to an Open Tribunal Meeting in order to be inducted into their position. Should the adviser not be able to fulfil their duties the President of the Tribunal will ask to arrange another meeting with the Student Life Director in order to begin a new selection process. The Adviser has no term limits.

Article VI -Amendments

Changes to this Constitution or Bylaws are to be proposed in the form of an Amendment. A history of amendments added to this document will be recorded in a section titled “Article of Amendments” with each passing amendment being its own sub-section. Amendments may be brought up to the UCBA Tribunal during a public meeting in the form of a bill. A bill must first be called upon for a vote by a member of the Leadership Committee. In order to introduce the bill to a meeting’s agenda twenty percent of the Active Members must agree to it’s introduction. If this threshold is met then the bill, proposing the amendment, will be discussed at this same meeting. Before the meeting concludes a second vote will be taken, again called for by the Leadership Committee, to vote on the proposal. It must meet a 2/3 majority of the Active Members in order to be confirmed. Additionally, before this amendment can be made to the Constitution or Bylaws it must also pass and be presented at the soonest Student Senate meeting.


Contact Information

Chris Dziekan | Program Manager for Orientation and Leadership Development
Muntz Hall | Room 123
Phone: 513-558-9456
Email: dziekacr@uc.edu

Student Life Office
Muntz Hall | Room 123
Phone: 513-558-9429
Email: bastdlfe@uc.edu