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Meet the Student Orientation Leaders

Learn about past Student Orientation Leaders, get a sense of who they are, what they are majoring in, and why they chose UC Blue Ash College. Look forward to more profiles!

2017 Student Orientation Leaders

Ben Brott Pre-Business Administration

“I chose to become involved on campus because I have learned that if I utilize my resources, things become easier and I learn things more comprehensively. I want to help new students learn about the numerous resources that are available to them to help them achieve academic and professional successes.”

Claire Ciupak Pre-Pharmacy

“My most meaningful experience at UC Blue Ash has been treating patients in the dental hygiene clinic. As dental hygiene students, we volunteer at the UC open school (a free clinic for St. Vincent de Paul), offer a free dental day, and UC smiles for school children. We see many patients that cannot normally afford dental care and it feels great being able to provide treatment they otherwise would not receive.”

Kevin Diehl Pre-Business Administration

“There have been so many meaningful experiences throughout my time as a student here at UC Blue Ash. The professors in each of my classes have always been there to help me succeed, and the faculty have been so welcoming and helpful in answering questions and concerns. My classmates have made my time here even more enjoyable, and it means so much to have such a warm and encouraging environment, while learning valuable skills and creating friendships that will last for years to come.”

Julie Etherton Pre-Business Administration

“I chose UC Blue Ash because I had struggled a lot attending a larger campus straight out of high school. The smaller class sizes and one-on-one attention from my professors have made a huge impact on my ability to be successful in college.”

Briana Harper Communication

Maria Huls Applied Graphic Communication

Shaine Jackson Journalism

“I didn't believe at the time I chose UC Blue Ash that I'd be able to be successful in a school with classroom filled with hundreds of students. I also wanted to experience being on my own, and with friends so I picked Cincinnati as a place to live and Blue Ash as a place to study.”

Kelly Krieger Advanced Medical Imaging Technology

Kaitlyn Marker Pre-Middle Education (English & Science)

Antonia Moore Electronic Media Technology

Kaitlyn Olsen Social Work

Bill Page Information Technology

Nautia Reed Nursing

Chaz Richardson Pre-Business Administration

De'Andre Scott Pre-Middle Education (Math)

Julian Sorrells Electronic Media Technology

Cody Spegal Biology

Kaitlyn Sturgeon Dental Hygiene Technology

Janelle Wilmot Pre-Health Sciences

“I wanted to become involved/engaged on campus because I wanted to meet other UC students and create a connection within the community. I also wanted to help other students make the adjustment to college life.”


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