UC Blue Ash College

Post-Orientation Checklist

  • Meet your Academic Advisor
    • Meeting with your academic advisor is the best way to verify that your transfer credit is appropriately assigned and that your academic plan is accurate and will lead to a timely graduation. You can find your advisor on the Academic Advising website and schedule an appointment by calling 513-558-9442.
  • Get your Student ID
    • You can get your Student ID at orientation. You will need a copy of your class schedule and a photo ID.
  • Get your Parking Permit
    • You must attain a new parking permit each academic year; the cost of parking is already included in your tuition and fees. You can attain your parking permit online. You will need your Student ID (see step above).
  • Complete FAFSA
    • The FAFSA should be submitted as soon as possible after enrollment to ensure completion of the full process in time for the payment due date. Federal Direct Student loans begin processing mid August. If you expect to receive a refund, please sign up for direct deposit to expedite the processing of your refund.
  • Pay Your Bill
    • If you wish to enroll in the Semester Tuition Payment Plan for Fall term to help simplify your college finances, please review the important deadlines.
    • If you would like a third party (such as a parent or guardian) to have parent privileges to view/pay your bill, class schedule and/or grades, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) requires a release by the student. 
  • Waive or Pay Health Insurance
    • All UC students registered for 6 or more credit hours are required to have health insurance. UC will automatically enroll you in the University health insurance plan to assure we meet this fedral regulation. If you have private coverage, you can waive this health insurance plan, but must do so by the associated deadline.
  • Check your UC Email Account
    • Your UC email account is the official communication tool of the University. Billing, financial aid, and academic information will be communicated via UC email as soon as you confirm admission; we recommend you check this account daily.
  • Purchase books
  • Visit your classrooms


Contact Information

Student Life Office
Muntz Hall | Room 123
Phone: 513-558-9429
Email: bastdlfe@uc.edu