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Co-Ops & Experiential Learning

Students meeting with potential employer at career fair

The UCBA co-op 2.0 program provides an opportunity for students to engage in compensated, career-oriented work experiences and to reflect on and integrate the experience within their undergraduate degree program. By engaging in meaningful, career-related work experiences before graduation, students can develop transferable skills and a competitive edge for entering the workforce. Created with maximum flexibility, the UCBA co-op 2.0 program combines academic coursework with one or more full- or part-time, paid work experiences (often called “co-ops”). 

Co-ops are mutually beneficial for both the employer and the student. This co-op program will: 

  • Allow students to learn more about their field of interest through observation and direct participation in a job setting; 
  • Assist students in establishing future employment connections; 
  • Allow students to complete substantial projects/tasks that will build on the skills learned in the classroom; and 
  • Provide employers with trained, well-screened students who can become their future full time employees.
  • And more!

Current UC Blue Ash Students:

Are you wanting to co-op either soon or in the near future? Please fill out this form to indicate interest in co-oping at UCBA.

Consider taking a career development course Called “Preparing for the Co-Op" (MLTI 2010). This 2-credit hour course will give students a chance to develop professional skills that directly translate to job searching and looking for experiential learning/co-op opportunities. Speak with your academic advisor today to see if you have space in your schedule to take this course! This course is offered in the Spring and Fall semesters at UC Blue Ash. 

  • First, make sure that you fill out this Form to tell us how we can best help you.
  • Next, consider using UC’s main job board – Handshake - to search for part-time and full-time co-op & internship positions. Remember to use the filter options to adjust your search and make it customizable to you. 
  • Not all co-op/internship positions are posted on job boards/online. Some of the employers might be working on updating the positions, so you might not see them right away. The best way to find out if a company has an open opportunity is to do some networking and connect with internal constituents! Check out this resource on informational interviewing to help you navigate professional networking. 
  • Remember that job searching takes time and you want to use your time wisely. At least 90% of the job search process should be preparing your application materials (online profile, resume, cover letter, industry research, etc.). Consider using the “Resource Library” to get your application materials together. 
  • Don’t forget that all UC Blue Ash students can also request an appointment with Career Services for both virtual and in-person options. 

Now that you have been offered a co-op/internship role (Congratulations!), it is important to register this experience at UC. At UC Blue Ash, Co-Ops follow the traditional UC semester schedule: Spring, Summer, and Fall. Reporting your Co-op allows you to get course credit for your experience. 

How to submit your Co-Op/Internship Experience:

  1. Go to uc.joinhandshake.com and log in with your 6+2 and central UC password. 
  2. Click “Career Center” at the top of the page, then “Experiences”. 
  3. Click “Submit an Experience”. 
  4. Choose the “Blue Ash College: Co-Op/Internship” Experience option. 
  5. Complete all fields on the form, then click “Submit Experience”. 

Following your submission, your form will be sent to your supervisor and a UC staff member for approval. You will be notified when your experience has been approved. From there, you will be directed to sign up for the correct course that allows you to get course credit for your experience. 

For more information about the UC Blue Ash Co-Op Program, please contact Sarah Grace McCollough, Career Services Program Manager, at mccollsg@ucmail.uc.edu.  


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