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Current Student Ambassadors

Meet the current Student Ambassadors below. Look forward to seeing them at college events and other activities.

Learn more about the Student Ambassador experience by checking out their eportfolios. The Student Ambassadors will be writing about their events, classes and learning connections throughout the year.

Current Ambassadors

Headshot of Jennavieve Harvey

Jennavieve Harvey

Major: Social Work, Hometown: Cincinnati, OH

Favorite Class: Sociology

In her free time Jennavieve likes to hang out with her friends and family. She also likes to travel and coach dance.

Headshot of Briana James

Briana James

Major: Political Science, Hometown: Greenwood Forest / Houston, TX

Favorite Class: : Liberal Arts with Dr. Sipple

In her free time Briana likes to play video games, work on graphic design projects, read and binge watch her favorite shows. She also loves nostalgic old TV shows and previous fashion trends.

Headshot of Eleanor (Elle) Keil

Eleanor (Elle) Keil

Major: Biological Sciences, Hometown: Cincinnati, OH

Favorite Class: Sociology

In her free time Elle likes to read and do arts and crafts (painting, embroidery, crochet, etc.) She also likes to hang out with her friends and try new things.

Headshot of Ava Martin

Ava Martin

Major: Pre-Business Administration, Hometown: Riverside, CA

Favorite Class: Business Analytics

In her free time Ava likes to read! Her current favorite genres are thriller and suspense.

Headshot of Bashar Mashal

Bashar Mashal

Major: Pre-Advanced Medical Imaging Technology, Hometown: Jerusalem, Palestine

Favorite Class: Chemistry and A&P

Whenever he’s not working, Bashar likes learning new skills and spending time with his family and friends.

Headshot of Julie Meece

Julie Meece

Major: Dental Hygiene Technology, Hometown: Fairfax, OH

Favorite Class: Anatomy and Physiology

In her free time Julie loves to watch her favorite shows, go to the gym, and hang out with her friends and family. In high school, she played the clarinet and was a part of the bowling and softball teams.

Headshot of Ryan Padgett

Ryan Padgett

Major: Biology, Hometown: Cincinnati, OH

Favorite Class: Psychology

In her free time Ryan loves to weight lift, hangout with friends, watch movies, and play games!

Headshot of Banshree Patel

Banshree Patel

Major: Pre-Business Administration, Hometown: Mumbai, India

Favorite Class: Business Communications, Survey of Business, and Spanish

In her free time Banshree likes to cook various cuisines, compose poems, watch Indian movies and listen to soft music.

Headshot of Deja Pennington

Deja Pennington

Major: Liberal Arts (Mathematics), Hometown: Cincinnati, OH

Favorite Class: ASL 1001

In her free time Deja likes to watch Netflix, sleep, and spend time with her family and friends

Headshot of Kesia Robbins

Kesia Robbins

Major: Nursing Technology, Hometown: Cincinnati, OH

Favorite Class: Nursing III

In her free time Kesia likes to bake, watch horror movies, and read mystery novels.

Headshot of Troy Spitzmiller

Troy Spitzmiller

Major: Pre-Business, Hometown: Maineville, OH

Favorite Class: Race and the Environment in American History

In her free time Troy likes cooking new dishes, reading, and playing video games. Story-driven games like The Last of Us and anything multiplayer with friends are his favorite!

Headshot of Nevaeh Baker

Nevaeh Baker

Major: Middle Childhood Education, Hometown: Milford, OH

Favorite Class: Social Studies Teaching Methods

In her free time Nevaeh loves to read, write poetry, play piano, and spend quality time with her family (specifically her one and eight year old brothers).

Headshot of Shadi Omranian

Shadi Omranian

Major: Neurobiology, Hometown: Esfahan, Iran

Favorite Class: Neuroscience

In her free time Shadi likes to go to Zumba classes and learn different languages.


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