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Current Student Ambassadors

Student ambassador group standing back to back

Meet the current Student Ambassadors below. Look forward to seeing them at college events and other activities.

Learn more about the Student Ambassador experience by checking out their eportfolios. The Student Ambassadors will be writing about their events, classes and learning connections throughout the year.

Current Ambassadors

Headshot of Jamie Alu

Jamie Alu

Major: Marketing, Hometown: Columbus, OH

Favorite class: Psychology

What you enjoy doing in your free time: Jamie likes to go on adventures, play with her dogs, spend time with her friends and family and loves to sing.

Headshot of Nevaeh Baker

Nevaeh Baker

Major: Pre-Middle Childhood Education: English, Social Studies, and Spanish, Hometown: Milford, OH

Favorite class: Spanish

What you enjoy doing in your free time: Nevaeh loves watching Grey’s Anatomy, leading worship at Real Church: Goshen, spending time with her family, thrifting for elephant figurines and other elephant collectibles, growing her plant collection, and reading.

Headshot of Harley Dawson

Harley Dawson

Major: Radiologic Technology, Hometown: Washington Court House, OH

Favorite class: Pre-Health Professions

What you enjoy doing in your free time: Harley enjoys spending time with loved ones (including her dog Willie), working out, sewing, painting, as well as going to church, serving her community, and taking advantage of any and all learning opportunities.

Headshot of Ruth Galberg

Ruth Galberg

Major: Electronic Media Technology, Hometown: Maineville, OH

Favorite class: Photography I

What you enjoy doing in your free time: Playing softball, swimming, taking photos & working out!

Headshot of Casey Harloe

Casey Harloe

Major: English & History, Hometown: Hamilton, Ohio

Favorite class: “Women’s Literature: Poetry From Prison”

What you enjoy doing in your free time: Casey enjoys reading Frank O’Hara, drinking coffee from Star Wars mugs, and building playlists on Spotify.

Headshot of Semitressa Hill

Semitressa Hill

Major: Sport Administration, Hometown: Cincinnati, OH

Favorite class: Sociology

What you enjoy doing in your free time: Cooking different meals

Headshot of Sarah Horton

Sarah Horton

Major: Social Work, Hometown: Pensacola, FL

Favorite class: Medical Anthropology

What you enjoy doing in your free time: Sarah enjoys board games, taking long road trips, and playing with her snakes.

Headshot of Shadi Omranian

Shadi Omranian

Major: Pre-Neuroscience, Hometown: Isfahan, Iran

Favorite class: Spanish & German

What you enjoy doing in your free time: Traveling & Learning

Headshot of Pavel Pavlov

Pavel Pavlov

Major: Physical Therapy, Hometown: Vidin, Bulgaria

Favorite class: Anatomy and Physiology

What you enjoy doing in your free time: Exercise, Sports, Travel, Listen to music and Play musical instruments.

Headshot of Kyla Rawlins

Kyla Rawlins

Major: Pre-Early Childhood Education, Hometown: Cincinnati, OH

Favorite class: Educational Technology

What you enjoy doing in your free time: Kyla loves to hike with her dog and practice nature photography in her free time!


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