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Student Government Elections

Student Government Elections

Student Government Executive Officer Elections have now begun. Voting runs from Tuesday, September 27 at 8:00 am through Friday, September 30 at 8:00 am.

Vote online today.

Candidates for President

Major: Pre-Criminal Justice

Why Did You Apply for an Executive Officer Position? What drives me to become an Executive Officer within the UC community is the fight for others like myself in the community and for my future children. I’m on a mission for love, diversity, and equality.

What Makes You a Good Candidate? What makes me the best of candidates is that I have been pursuing this mission since the age of 14 years old where I started at Carpe Diem Aiken as a young black woman working 2 jobs and attending school winning Junior homecoming princess and Senior homecoming Queen ,graduating at 16 and my CHARACTER speaks VOLUMES , I’ve learned from the best of success coaches, I am also a young mother fighting for love and equality another mission I've been pursuing since younger ages and it is my mission today and forever in campus life & working amongst my community.

If Elected, What Do You Plan on Doing with Your Position to Help UC Blue Ash? With my new role I plan to enforce not only love, equality and diversity but I promise to promote and lead by example mental health and mental illness prevention & restoration programs. I plan to use my new role at UC Blue Ash to better the college and better Cincinnati as a whole.

Major: Pre-business administration

Why Did You Apply for an Executive Officer Position? Throughout my childhood and now young adulthood, I have always had the drive to be an activist. Through trial and error, I found that getting involved and meeting new people is a great way to be the activist I strive to be. That is precisely why I want to run for President. I believe that with the help of my peers we can make change happen that benefits us all. Through rallying for Black Lives Matter, I have found that change can only happen when we all come together for the greater good. In this case, it is not the people of my hometown I am rallying with, but now my peers at my school at which I find home at.

What Makes You a Good Candidate? One part of being an activist is giving a voice to those who may not be heard. I believe I have the skills necessary to give that to my peers. I am a strong believer that change can only come about when we are communicating. In my experience, in order to communicate you must be open to different opinions or views. We all grow up with different experiences and influences and the fact that we all ended up here in the UC Blue Ash community, is a beautiful thing. I believe that this fact alone trumps all of our opposing views. With communication with my peers, I believe I can articulate our needs in a way that will benefit all of us.

If Elected, What Do You Plan on Doing with Your Position to Help UC Blue Ash? While there are many events in the works already, I hope to make them more inclusive. Going to a new school can be intimidating, especially going to an event. Some ideas I have for events is a spirit week, a tournament, Valentine's Day cards. Specifically, I want to add incentives to these events. For example, you could enter a raffle to win UC merch. I think this would motivate our community to come together. Along with this, I hope to create a space that students can voice their concerns with an anonymous option. I believe these things will help everyone feel comfortable here at UC Blue Ash, because after all, we chose to be here!

Major: Pre-Business Administration

Why Did You Apply for an Executive Officer Position? The Driving force of why I want to be an Executive Officer is that I constantly see organizations doing things in ways that are outdated or that just plain don't make sense, I want to be the change that helps these organizations run things in ways that benefits all involved instead of just the higher ups.

What Makes You a Good Candidate? I am an experienced leader who has the ability to read people and situations and act accordingly. I am very personable and empathetic which enables me to help out in any situation that may come up. I genuinely want to make a difference in all aspects of life.

If Elected, What Do You Plan on Doing with Your Position to Help UC Blue Ash? I would start with getting feedback from students and faculty on what changes they would like to see and with my team figure out ways to implement changes that are approved. I would also want to make more opportunities for people to get the assistance they need or to get involved so their voices are heard.

Major: Biological Science

Why Did You Apply for an Executive Officer Position? One thing that really drives me to apply for this executive position is that I want to help my peers and become their voice. I want that everyone feels free to be themselves and have the best education experience at the UC Blue Ash. I have always wanted to be a part of a system where I can understand and build my problem-solving skills. I am an international student, and by that I know some common situations where we become a little lost and incapable of handling a situation but because I have went through some problems of my own in my first semester here, I believe that I will be able to work hard on the fact that no one else goes through a rough patch. International student or not, students as I have observed do come across situations where they need a mentor to guide them and I want to be able to serve them with that. Lending a helping hand to people so that they feel comfortable in their surrounding will be my prime goal through my position. I want to be their voice through which I can communicate their problems with the higher authorities and come up with a solution. Lastly I would like to say that I want this position so that I can help and provide a comfortable atmosphere for all my friends so that they feel welcomed at our UC Blue Ash.

What Makes You a Good Candidate? I believe that I make a good candidate here because I am patient and calm when it comes to managing difficult situations. I listen and work my best to come up with a suitable solution for the problem at hand. I believe that these qualities of mine help me understand other people and help me look at situations through their point of view. Another reason I believe that I am a good candidate is that I work at UCBA as a student worker where I interact with many of my peers, listen to their problems and help them with it. Through my student worker job I am well aware about what kinds of problems us students go through and how we manage them on our own. Through this position I will be that support system to all those students who need help and will not be have to face it all alone. Another reason I believe that I make a good candidate is that I love meeting new people and getting to know their stories. Through interactions I get to learn about their culture, hear their thoughts and make new friends and have fun together!!

If Elected, What Do You Plan on Doing with Your Position to Help UC Blue Ash? If elected for the position to an executive officer the first thing which I would like to do with it is to give a proposal for change in medical emergencies. As I mentioned earlier I work as a student worker at the UCBA and one time I came across a student who wanted to be rushed to the emergency ward because the student was In severe pain, their doctor informed them on the phone to reach to the emergency ward at the earliest but the problem which we faced was that we did not have a system (medical emergency system). We did not have any means of transport from UCBA to any near by hospital. It was a difficult situation to be handled, ultimately the only option left was to use UCBA shuttle as the mean of transport which would take long to reach the hospital. What I want is that our school should provide our students with good medical care, we should have enough medical staff because anyone at anytime can experience a medical emergency and for that we should have a vehicle which would directly transport the student/staff to a hospital. Not everyone here comes with their own vehicle so the student who do not own their own car, would require help from our side and we should be able to provide that to them. With my position I would help students with every and each of their problems and provide them a comfortable atmosphere.

Major: Nursing

Why Did You Apply for an Executive Officer Position? What drives me to run for an executive position such as president of UCBA is my drive for wanting to make positive impacts in my community. Whether they be wanted or needed accommodations in my school and community I take pleasure in knowing I helped my beloved community. I love Cincinnati and want nothing but the possible best for our students and if being a part of the executive officer branch of is the way to go, I sure will make sure to use it to the best of my ability.

What Makes You a Good Candidate? What makes me a good candidate to represent the voice of UC Blue Ash student body would be that I for one live by the golden rule. I treat others the way I would want to be treated, and I have sworn to myself to strive for excellence which I know are traits UC aspires for in their bearcats. Growing up as a first gen immigrant child I know what it is like to go through tough times and need help and having to grow up before my age I live to help and make an impact.

If Elected, What Do You Plan on Doing with Your Position to Help UC Blue Ash? I plan on listening to my community and what their needs are. I would strive to provide what I possibly could to help out students, professors/staff members! I would be an attentive executive officer and would have a focus on things such as:

  • Safety
  • Financial aid/scholarship opportunities
  • Getting students involved with their community
  • Clubs
  • Transportation etc

Candidates for Vice-President

Major: Pre-Business

Why Did You Apply for an Executive Officer Position? The reason I applied for a vice president position within the UCBA student government is it is a great source for networking opportunities and ameliorate communication skills. It will be a wonderful opportunity to communicate with students and represent what they need to be better and serve as their voice to the administration. Being part of student government is working as a team which is a great way to engage with student and leadership qualities, which is something that I’m doing already in the Student Orientation Leadership. Being a team means dealing with difficulty? and greatness together, facing all that may come up, being part of a group can help to be prepared for the with your group and see the leadership skills building better as a team. Being part of student government could be really delightful and can be an Honors experience for my Honors program which is one of the advantages of the role as a student government

What Makes You a Good Candidate? What makes me a good candidate is me as a middle-eastern being diverse and learning about those around me really is one of the things I enjoy doing. Getting to know other people from different places in the world is a really interesting thing and it teaches you a lot about other cultures and makes you rethink. I would like to represent diversity students and international students indeed. I represent any student but would like to be a voice for them at UCBA. This will help me to engage with them. And try to see what really they expect more from the college.

If Elected, What Do You Plan on Doing with Your Position to Help UC Blue Ash? One of the things that I think needs improvement at the college is the cafeteria need to open more hours since there are students who have night classes and it may be dangerous for them to go out and get food. And since the cafeteria closes early they would not have access for food except the vending machines which is not healthy food or even food that is more of a snack. Other things that I would like to do to improve the diversity of the UCBA and give diverse students and international students more opportunity like internship, and getting involved in the college. I believe that we shine and be better with our differences and that we make us better people who understand others and have different viewpoints.

Candidates for Secretary

Major: Vet Tech

Why Did You Apply for an Executive Officer Position? I was class secretary in high school. My biggest regret in high school was waiting my senior year to be more involved in events. I feel this would be a good involvement with my new school.

What Makes You a Good Candidate? I would be a good candidate to represent the voice of the UC blue ash due to me being able to make a speech during graduation Infront of my whole class.

If Elected, What Do You Plan on Doing with Your Position to Help UC Blue Ash? What I plan on doing with the new role at UC Blue Ash would be to be a voice for the people and try to find the way to make it work best for them.

Major: Pre-Medical Laboratory Science

Why Did You Apply for an Executive Officer Position? My drive for applying for an Executive Officer position is that I want to have larger say in the activities at Blue Ash, and to find ways to open more opportunities in regards to clubs on the campus. I want to be able to make Blue Ash a closer community which I feel like would be accomplished through clubs and organizations. I want to be able to make a positive difference at Blue Ash for myself and for others and the best way to do that as I've seen is to join student government.

What Makes You a Good Candidate? I'm a new face so people hopefully will be more comfortable coming up to me and discussing their wants from the council, and I've worked two customer service jobs which require delegation and understanding. I've helped out my community before in my hometown by volunteering in different organizations, and what to be able to do the same at Blue Ash.

If Elected, What Do You Plan on Doing with Your Position to Help UC Blue Ash? I plan on as the secretary to make sure all voices are heard when writing the report so that the full information gets to UCBASG Advisors so that the actions in which students want taken place with happen. I want to be able to make sure there are organizations and events at UCBA that adhere to everyone's interests and helps people find their community here on campus.

Major: Communications

Why Did You Apply for an Executive Officer Position? I want to generate ideas to life and turn them into organized events to help the people. I want to bring changes to the UC Blue Ash Campus and get more students involved! Being in my first year of college, I have seen how UC BA is very active and inclusive, making me interested in running for Student Government. I want to learn more about how UC functions as a school that creates amazing and fun events for its students. UC BA has shown me that everyone has a place to shine and be themselves. I want to show new incoming students how that is possible and how to get involved in Student Life!

What Makes You a Good Candidate? I strive for all voices to be heard. Whether it's for improvements or compliments about a recent event, I make sure that everyone has an opinion that is heard and is a team player. Being well organized makes me able to receive information in a well manner and release that information to the UC BA students accordingly. I am a very responsible person who cares about the UC BA community. Being elected to the Secretary position would not only improve my leadership skills, but improve my communication skills, as I am a Communications Major. Using these skills, I will help improve UC BA for all students!

If Elected, What Do You Plan on Doing with Your Position to Help UC Blue Ash? If elected, I plan on creating new events to take place around campus that help bring all students together. While doing this, I plan to organize all of the information for these events and make sure every student hears about it. I plan to bring new ideas to life that students are interested in by hearing their input and opinions on upcoming student activities. I work well with others, creating a smooth-running student government for the UC BA campus. Being a leader, I would represent UC BA with the highest honor and show my school spirit!

Candidates for Treasurer

Major: History

Why Did You Apply for an Executive Officer Position? I want to become a principle one day. So this opportunity will teach me a lot. I never have done anything like this because I feared I would not be good enough. I want to show myself as well as my dad I can and gain the experience for my future job. This will teach me to get through uncomfortable situations and how to problem solve better. Joining the UCBA student government has the potential to be fun as well.

What Makes You a Good Candidate? What makes me suitable is my commitment. Once I set my mind on something ill accomplish it. Im very strong willed but that doesn't mean I'm not more than willing to be proved wrong or have a intelligent conversation. I do my research before debating or going on about a topic. I don't like to have a conversation with a blank mind.

If Elected, What Do You Plan on Doing with Your Position to Help UC Blue Ash? I don’t have plans on what to do with a role. That’s why I’m applying, It’s important to try new things even if I’m not 100% sure what I can or will do with this experience. All that is known for me is that it will help me in the future tremendously.

Candidates for Senator

Major: Social Work

Why Did You Apply for an Executive Officer Position? I would love to take charge of this daily operation, including monitoring schedules, training new people, and ensuring that the rules are followed. I love taking action when it comes to what is necessary. I would want the education, training and experience to be fun and also informal. I would want people to take responsibility for our success and failures as a team.

What Makes You a Good Candidate? I have communication, leadership, decision-making, problem solving, and teamwork skills that’ll go well with this.

If Elected, What Do You Plan on Doing with Your Position to Help UC Blue Ash? I would want to plan on staying up to date with trends and developments of other colleges. I would want to bring up new projects and experience for new UCBA students and always have fun.

Major: Liberal Arts

Why Did You Apply for an Executive Officer Position? Being in an Executive Officer position would give me the chance to interact with UC students on all three campuses, but mainly the UCBA College students. Getting to know and work with Blue Ash students and faculty directly is a unique opportunity that I’m excited about. It's important that our campus has officers that are eager to be a representative for student wants and needs, and to put words into action. In addition to being a willing advocate for UC Blue Ash students, I want to provide a space for all students to voice their opinions about our campus and how to improve the student experience.

What Makes You a Good Candidate? I believe that I’m a good fit to represent the students at UCBA not only because of my leadership experience but my passion for making a difference. My past involvement in a multitude of different clubs and activities has given me the active listening and effective communication skills to serve a diverse student body. I am capable of creating solutions to any problems that arise and will try to be as proactive as possible when it comes to issues on campus. Previously, I’ve worked with DEI heads, department chairs, and school boards as a direct link to the students in order to make change in my community. I intend to use that same passion and skill set in order to create a positive impact on our students and campus.

If Elected, What Do You Plan on Doing with Your Position to Help UC Blue Ash? If elected into office, I want to make sure my first priority is improving the overall experience of a Blue Ash College student. Whether a UC student is here for two years or a semester, having a great experience can change the trajectory of college. Another goal is to enrich the student’s lives by creating more opportunities and programs for UCBA students at Blue Ash and main campus. I would also like to plan events that engage all students and boost student involvement in the general counsel that works with student government. Overall, I want to be able to build relationships with our students and faculty while helping the greater good at UCBA!

Major: Liberal Arts

Why Did You Apply for an Executive Officer Position? In high school I was never involved with any clubs or sports because my anxiety kept me from it. I was pretty disappointed in myself when I graduated because I knew I passed up a lot of opportunities to be a part of something that interested me. Going into college I believed it was a chance to challenge myself in ways I never thought of. I strive to improve my social and academic skills and to improve as a person overall. I want to come out of my shell and learn new things as well as meet new people and make connections. Applying for a position within the UC Blue Ash Student Government is something that's completely out of my comfort zone and I never thought I'd do anything like it but I also saw it as a door opening for amazing opportunities for my future. Being at UC Blue Ash so far has been a wonderful experience for me and I have a lot of respect for this institution and would love to be able to incorporate myself into the works of it.

What Makes You a Good Candidate? What makes me a good candidate is my motivation to do everything to the best of my ability. I am nowhere near a perfectionist, but I do believe in putting forth my best effort in things that matter to me. I would never like to see anything within the UC Blue Ash student body fail or come up short. I would want to make sure that UC Blue Ash is represented wholly and held to the highest esteem by its students, staff, and outsiders as well. Another thing that makes me a good candidate is my personal trait of being very open-minded. I am someone who can see many different perspectives and respect all of them even if they don't agree with my own. I am always accepting of new ideas and opinions. I also think of myself as being very inclusive, I would make sure no one is left out. Those are things that make me a good candidate and and a potential voice to represent the UC Blue Ash student body.

If Elected, What Do You Plan on Doing with Your Position to Help UC Blue Ash? If elected to an Executive Officer position, I plan to use my new role at UC Blue Ash to find ways to make this institution better everyday. I would make connections with more people at school to get others involved. I would want to make sure that UC Blue Ash is a place that students look forward to and are happy to be a part of. With the new position I plan on presenting original ideas of my own to make sure students know that they are always included and welcome to anything that goes on at UC Blue Ash. This potential new role would also aid me in acquiring new skills that will help me currently and in the future such as communication and public speaking skills. If I were to be elected I would use the position as a confidence boost to be involved in other things at the school as well. I would share my experience with others and make it known everything that UC Blue Ash has to offer.

Candidates for Public Relations

Major: Criminal Justice

Why Did You Apply for an Executive Officer Position? Hello! My name is Elizabeth and I think this would be a really great opportunity to dive into being an integral part of my school. I'm not set on any particular role, I genuinely just want to be involved. My school and education are really important to me and I think that if given the opportunity, I could come forward with some genuine ideas of how we could inspire the passion and love for our school among the students around us. I've grown up in Cincinnati and always had a love for it and would be able to relate and be a voice for the students around me within the student government to help weave together the separation between students just going to school and being a part of the school truly. One of the biggest indicators of a school's success is the passion that students have for it and this position needs to be held by somebody who loves the school, and the city and is willing to put in the work for a community brought together through their education. I can listen to the opinions of these students and want to find a way that we can get everybody involved.

What Makes You a Good Candidate? If given this opportunity I would bring to the student body a passion for ending the divide between the students who just come to get a degree and the students who are involved and connected to their school and community. I believe that within a community college it gets very easy to feel disconnected and as if everyone is living in their own simulation. My goal is to connect the student body and ignite a fire for school spirit, thus driving students to be more engaged in their classes, desire to participate in school activities, sign up for volunteer work, and overall connect students together as not just peers or strangers, but as a group of people with a common goal with a shared love for being where they are and with who they are with. I would like to work together with a group of like-minded people who also have a desire to bring together bearcats and get the community engaged with not just furthering their education within UCBA, but also getting excited about other activities and communities UC has to offer. My biggest goal is to hear and understand what the students at UCBA are feeling and as a student with many friends enrolled at UCBA I feel like I have the connection on a personal level to how the students feel and see as first or second years. Utilizing my tools, resources, and time I would like to be involved with them.

If Elected, What Do You Plan on Doing with Your Position to Help UC Blue Ash? If I am given the opportunity to be involved in the student government I would be honored. My goal is I want to encourage school passion as well as see what in our school needs attention or communication and then get these matters addressed in the most efficient way while keeping in mind the broad perspectives of both students and staff. As a student, I bring to the table new ideas and I want to think creatively as a new voice to how things could be perfected and inspired. As a Cincinnati resident my whole life I know the perspectives of the students well, and I could be a voice that connects the students to the staff and school. I want to work together and learn and continue to contribute to my school in the ways that I can brew the same love for my school that I have within everybody else. Bridging the divide between young adults starting life, parents who are working to get their degrees, or students getting their 2nd or 3rd degrees there is a way to connect the most diverse combination of people and I am determined to find it. I am willing to spend the genuine time to come up with ways we can do this that is fueled by my love for the school and city already. If given this opportunity I would be honored, and I would not let you down.

Major: English

Why Did You Apply for an Executive Officer Position? I believe that a student public relations officer position would be good practice for a future job I want to uphold at the non-profit UNICEF. I also want to be involved with the way my college is run and viewed by others. I very much enjoy being a part of the sense of community that the Student Government brings. I want to be in public relations and/or journalism when I've finished my education at The University of Cincinnati.

What Makes You a Good Candidate? I believe that I am a good candidate to represent UC Blue Ash, because of the pride I hold in myself and my education. I want to make people feel connected and have a sense of community with their college. Even though I haven't attended UCBA, for a semester I want to make my college experience fulfilling and beneficial for not only myself but also my peers. I've always coordinated things within my high school and I used social media and visuals to my advantage

If Elected, What Do You Plan on Doing with Your Position to Help UC Blue Ash? I would like to connect people to their college and get people involved in events. I believe that the more people engaged in their college the better the experience for everyone. I'm the type of person that driven to be overly informed, and up-to-date, it makes going into new situations less daunting. I want to make UCBA a healthy and diverse environment where people feel comfortable and want to attend.

Major: Business

Why Did You Apply for an Executive Officer Position? I believe that joining student council will provide me with the opportunity to excel. I will have the opportunity to hone my public speaking skills. I'll also be able to work well in groups. My professional abilities will skyrocket. In terms of personal growth, I will learn how to collaborate with people, communicate my opinions, and be regarded as a valued part of society. There are several benefits and only a few disadvantages.

What Makes You a Good Candidate? I feel confident in the role for which I am applying. I have a diverse background that will enable me to excel in this position. I have excellent teamwork and communication skills, which will benefit the team.

If Elected, What Do You Plan on Doing with Your Position to Help UC Blue Ash? I'm applying for the position of Public Relations Coordinator. As previously stated, I have a diverse background in social media and graphic design. I used to be a social media manager, so I have a wealth of experience to offer the team. But I also want to organize activities and work as part of a team at UCBA to make the school a better environment for students.

Position Descriptions


  • Directs Executive and Tribunal meetings​
  • Assists the executive officers with their tasks
  • Takes initiative and takes responsibility with different tasks​
  • Checks emails daily and respond within a timely manner​
  • Makes sure the events planned are going well​
  • Reaches out to the executive officers and assigns tasks​
  • Monthly meetings with the Dean and Weekly meetings with the advisor of SG​
  • Contacts Main campus SG to further collaborate with them​
  • Representee and trustee of the students​
  • Reaches out to different groups within campus

Vice President

  • Assists the president​
  • Becomes the “interim” in case of any vacancy until the vacancy is filled​
  • Becomes the election committee chair and figures out the logistics of elections​
  • Supports other executive officers with the tasks they may need help with​
  • Meets biweekly with the advisor for a 1:1​


  • Takes notes on meetings twice a week (Tribunal and Executive Meetings)​
  • Ensures meeting minutes are up to date on platforms such as the OneDrive file, UCBA webpage and to the Public Relations Coordinator
  • Responds quickly to emails and sends out emails for various reasons
  • Helps all the Executives when needed​


  • Maintains the UCBA Tribunal budget​
  • Presents reports to both the Leadership Committee and the Tribunal​
  • Works closely with the Tribunal Adviser in creating an annual budget plan, which will be presented to other executives for overall approval.​
  • Reviews budget plan at the start of each semester and present updates to the tribunal.​
  • Works closely with other executives on programming to ensure adequate funding. Events that require expenditures will be approved by the Treasurer before planning the event to ensure that the necessary funds are available.​
  • Oversees expenses and update balance sheet(s) accordingly.​
  • In addition, treasurer will also assist in program planning, as necessary.​


  • Decides on matters of collegiate interest while representing the interests of student body​
  • Proposes, debates and votes on bills and amendments​
  • Examines issues within committees/community involving students​
  • Supports other Executives within their job role and collabs with a variety of committees, student group, administration​
  • Plans workshops and events pertaining to student body interest​
  • Reports activities or news to weekly senate meetings (Basic summary of UCBA Tribunal Meeting)​
  • Joins a committee as a part of the role and works to support the initiatives of Directors within that respective group​
  • Holds 6 hours of weekly office hours​

Public Relations Coordinator

  • Ensures all UCBA students have knowledge to SG events as well as have access to join our weekly Tribunals​
  • Responsible for sending announcements via email to the Thursday announcement manager (currently Josh Monson).​
  • Updates UCBASG main website with headshots of executive officers. Note: must email UCBASG main page’s manager (currently Pete Gemmer).​
  • Manages all UCBASG social media accounts.​
  • Updates meeting minutes on CampusLINK (Tribunal and Executive) Note: Executive meeting minutes should be seen only by executive officers, not members.​
  • Creates events on CampusLINK including RSVP questions and acceptable answers when necessary.​
  • Makes sure events get approved by CampusLINK manager.​
  • Sends invites via CampusLINK to join as either a member or executive officer.​
  • Creates a LinkTree to be used as the bio for Instagram. Note: ​
  • CC any or all executive members regarding emails that could have useful information benefitting the other executive member(s).


Contact Information

Chris Dziekan | Program Manager for Orientation and Leadership Development
Muntz Hall | Room 123
Phone: 513-745-5691
Email: dziekacr@uc.edu

Student Life Office
Muntz Hall | Room 123
Phone: 513-745-5773
Email: bastdlfe@uc.edu