UC Blue Ash College

Student Government Elections

With the fall semester right around the corner, now is the time to select the new members of the UC Blue Ash College Student Government. Review the student biographies below, and then vote for your representatives.


Shadi Omranian

Major: Pre-Allied Health (pre-med)

Why do you want to be involved in student government?

First and foremost, the student government is about listening to the student’s voices and making sure that their voices are being heard. I want to get involved in Student Government to make sure to listen to every single voice especially in this tough situation. Well, it may rise up the question ‘how’. Another benefit the student government has is forming connections among the council and the students. Creating these bonds means understanding different points of view and concerns. I want to be able to help and make these circumstances easier. These connections not only help one in college life, but these connections could also be one’s life long union. Personally, I admire learning about different people from different backgrounds, as learning about an individual means a valuable lesson. Further, these bonds propose to improve social skills and leadership skills. With the past volunteer experiences and belonging to the National Honors Society in high school, these skills can be improved as there is no limit to improvement.

Why do you specifically want to run for the position of President?

We are all a team on a track to become successful individuals for society. In order for the team to function, a responsible leader is a necessity. A personal story; 6 years ago, I came to America without my parents for opportunities and better education. My aunt and uncle had taken me in, however, everything including clothing and food was on me. Perhaps, as a young kid I wasn’t too eager to work and be responsible but starting out early taught me this valuable lesson. Being responsible is not easy and at times, it may frustrate one. There is a lot of duty. As a candidate for student president, I want to accept the responsibility to be the connector between the students and the faculty. This link informs both parties of the expectations, concerns, or problems. Like mentioned, we are all one in this journey.

What ideas do you have to make UC Blue Ash better for students?

During this online era, everything is limited to everyone. That doesn’t mean we can’t come up with ideas! We should start by trying to make this situation easier for the students. Primarily, I would love to start with stress-reducing activities. These could include online meditation, yoga, or any other activities after a long week. We should always be open to ideas and we could set up a poll of what sorts of activities students would be interested in doing on the weekends and the ideal time for the majority. When asked from friends and UCBA students, there seems to be a problem with the traffic on Plainfield, and solving these problems and such concerns would be also on the list of my priorities

Alexis Murray

Major: Business Administration

Why do you want to be involved in student government?

I want to be in Student Government because I was Representative of my student council all four years of high school and I absolutely loved it. I feel that I work best in group problem solving situations and I'm eager to learn how I can improve the day to day lives of my fellow students. I plan to always be available to serve as a liaison between students, faculty, and the administration to make Blue Ash the best it can be. 

Why do you specifically want to run for the position of President?

I aspire to live up to the infamous Michael Scott by being the “World's Best Boss”. I want to be President because leadership and communication are strong suits of mine that will equip me to handle such a position. Being a business major, I'll be able to incorporate a lot of what I've been learning in my classes to best serve my fellow student government executives and student body. I will carry with me an open mind, listening skills, and patience in the hope that fellow students will feel comfortable reaching out to me with new ideas and ways we can improve. 

What ideas do you have to make UC Blue Ash better for students?

As I’ve been a part of UC Blue Ash, I feel as though I find out new information about Blue Ash as I go that I wish I knew before. Did you know that as a Blue Ash student, you can take up to six credit hours of classes each semester through the Clifton campus and still pay Blue Ash rates? This can help students looking to take classes that Blue Ash might not offer yet and they won’t have to wait to transfer. I wish to incorporate a better way of communicating the endless benefits Blue Ash offers its students in a clear and concise way so our students can make the most of their Blue Ash education


Trisha Marie Paasa

Major: Accounting

Why do you want to be involved in student government?

I want to be involved in Student Government because it will give me the chance and the opportunity to develop leadership skills. By joining the Student Government I will also have the opportunity to be able to talk to students that are from different cultures and countries which can help expand my social skills. Lastly, by being a part of Student Government I will have a chance to meet new people, be a part of the school social activities and build lasting friendships. 

Why do you specifically want to run for the position of Treasurer?

I specifically want to run for the position I selected above, treasurer, because I believe that I have the experience and the skills to be successful in this position. I'm running for this position because it is rewarding and exciting when the end result helps shape the future of the organizations financial strategy. 

What ideas do you have to make UC Blue Ash better for students?

Some ideas I have to make UC Blue Ash better for students amidst all that is going on are:

  • Offer an online assistance that students can talk to or contact in regards of what they're going through right now or if they're struggling with online schooling and such.
  • Contact local business and partner up with them so we have ties to the communities and provide volunteering opportunities to students who are interested.
  • Build a community where the students can feel that they are truly a part of something huge, good, and one that inspire others to be better.

Jessica Ashe

Major: Pre-Health Sciences

Why do you want to be involved in student government?

I want to get involved, to help make UC Blue Ash better. As someone who has served in the military to protect our democracy, I'd now like to participate, contribute, and experience government from other, as citizen and student. I feel I have much to offer not only as a veteran, but also as a returning student with a BA in Mathematics from UC's College of Arts and Sciences.

Why do you specifically want to run for the position of Treasurer?

My Grandfather was treasurer of our city when I was young. I remember feeling so proud of him and his dedication. He also maintained his full-time job as a high school teacher while serving as treasurer. I also have several years of experience in purchasing and accounting in addition to a BA in Mathematics.

What ideas do you have to make UC Blue Ash better for students?

As treasurer, I would review our accounts to determine there state and whether changes need to be made. I would also want to allow students, whenever possible, a chance to vote on what we are spending money on. I feel it's important to get input from those we are serving. I'd also like to help organize additional fundraisers to increase our capabilities. 

Daniel Adam

Major: Pre-Health Sciences, Pre-Medicine

Why do you want to be involved in student government?

I Love humanity a lot. I want to always discover problems with humanity and solve them in order to make most lives better. I believe joining a student government will help me better understand humanity and know how best to deal with everyone with different kinds of behavior and problems and how best to help them.

Why do you specifically want to run for the position of Treasurer?

I always want to use what I have or know best to better the lives of others. I am very good at handling problems with finances. I am best at safe guarding my own finances so I believe I will be able to extend this ability to a larger organization. I am also good at making sales and strategizing plans for making lots of profits through honest means. I know being the treasurer, I will help the student body a lot since through faithful and honest means I will secure the finances of the student body. 

What ideas do you have to make UC Blue Ash better for students?

As the treasurer, I will make sure the help students may need about managing their finances and knowing how best to safe guard their own finances will be extended to them. Secondly, With the help and support of the entire student government, there are going to be lots of opportunities for students who may need help with finances to be supported in order for them to peacefully learn and focus on their studies. I am more particular about this because, I was once a victim and I know how this causes stress and sleepless nights. I also know that a sound mind lives in a sound body. Too much of thinking about how to manage finances causes great amount of stress which in turn, disturbs the body and the mind. I believe every one deserves the best in life and a sound mind. 

Public Relations

Issac Lukose

Major: (Pre)-Criminal Justice

Why do you want to be involved in student government?

I would like to be involved in Student Government for three specific reasons. The first reason is because I think I can be a phenomenal voice for the students of UCBA. I believe that my connections within Student Government at main can help us have a profound affect on what all goes on at main as well as at UCBA. The second reason I would be honored to work in Student Government is because I really want to be involved on our campus. With all of our courses being online, I completely empathize with everyone in this unprecedented and equally unwanted scenario. I intend to find innovative solutions to make all of us feel a sense of community, even through these remote means! Finally, I want to be involved in Student Government to connect with other peers who are actively looking to improve our campus. Whether I am fortunate enough to serve UCBA, I know this experience will be something I could never get anywhere else. 

Why do you specifically want to run for the position of Public Relations?

The specific reason I would like to run for Public Relations Coordinator is because I believe I fit into that role the best as opposed to any other position. In my humble opinion, I think that's vitally important for anyone attempting to run for office, as someone who's able to discern what their best at as well as what they can work on make for a conscious leader. Another reason I believe I am a great candidate for the Public Relations Coordinator is because there have been many times in courses at main that I have had to represent the class a whole when communicating things we all would like to see implemented in class. In general, many of my professors have been fond of the way I communicate to them as well as the whole class, which I would argue highlights my ability to be a quality representative of not only myself, but my peers as well

What ideas do you have to make UC Blue Ash better for students?

The idea that I have to make UCBA better are as follows. For one thing, I think we need to find ways to make all of our peers feel at home at UCBA, especially our freshman. Obviously, with remote learning and all, things are increasingly difficult to accomplish, and this is yet another thing that is quite difficult to do. That being said, I do think it's something vitally important we focus on, as a welcoming and accepting campus makes our campus infinitely better overall!

Joshua Beckmann

Major: Exploratory

Why do you want to be involved in student government?

I believe that being involved in student government means voicing the opinions of students who are not represented on a major platform or daily basis. I also want my fellow students to go through college with confidence and ease. This includes incentivizing the staff to create environments in which my fellow peers can confidently pursue their life-long dreams and aspirations.

I also want students to feel and remain prioritized. We are what makes this school thrive and succeed. Without the student body, the school would not have the resources and spirit to live by.

Lastly, I want to make a positive difference in the lives of each and every student and faculty member. This is what I call being a public servant. I would work tirelessly to uphold the values of UC Blue Ash and make students feel most valued in everything they achieve. I believe that every student will be successful through giving them the resources they need to actively meet their life-long mission.

Why do you specifically want to run for the position of Public Relations?

I know that I will be a strong leader for Public Relations as I love to draw students closer together by finding common ground through our major differences. Public Relations requires thoroughly contacting students and staff on upcoming events, community involvement, and active engagement. I was part of the production crew for my high school's theater, and I made it a commitment that every student received updates and weekly reminders of performance dates and showing times.

I will be a great candidate for Public Relations as I want to keep students in the loop of campus activities and outreaches. I know that being part of the Public Relations department, I can impose positive outreach to not just current students, but those interested in attending classes for years to come.

What ideas do you have to make UC Blue Ash better for students?

As a student, I believe everyone's voice matters and should be counted. I want students to know that their opinion is valuable to the growth and well-being of the college. I want to create an open discussion group for students to engage in meaningful discussion on the importance of voicing your own opinion. As students, we should discuss changes that are needed for a better campus and bring these desired changes up to faculty and staff. I see that much progress can be made if we include everyone's opinions on certain topics regarding campus life.

I also want to create a support group that allows students to discuss the loss of loved ones in their lives and how loss is an on-going and life-long struggle. I believe that many students are struggling with loss; the ability to relate to others in the grieving process can help with the transition into college.

I want to also send out anonymous student surveys that we can use to elicit positive change in our school policy and decision processes.

Lastly, I want to incentivize community service opportunities to students around campus. I want community service to not be a requirement, but rather a goal of the student body to achieve from the heart. We should hold plenaries on community service engagement and how community service is life-changing when it comes from the heart and should not be mandatory. 


Contact Information

Chris Dziekan | Program Manager for Orientation and Leadership Development
Muntz Hall | Room 123
Phone: 513-745-5691
Email: dziekacr@uc.edu

Student Life Office
Muntz Hall | Room 123
Phone: 513-745-5773
Email: bastdlfe@uc.edu