UC Blue Ash College

Student Government Elections

Candidate for President

Name: Issac Lukose

Major: Criminal Justice

Why do you want to be involved in Student Government?

I want to continue my involvement within Student Government because I truly enjoy it. Although I may not be the most experienced individual as it pertains to civic engagement, the experience I have had thus far makes me a huge advocate of it. I have always believed that an informed and responsive citizenry is paramount for our society to function. And that belief was reinforced within me during my time as YOUR Vice President! Through my time at UCBA, I’ve seen the potential we, as a college, have to advocate for certain things we believe in. If elected to be YOUR next President, I hope to continue the development of the UC Blue Ash Student Government so that we can better represent the needs of our student body as well as change the stigma associated with governance!

What skills do you possess which will contribute to the success of student government?

The skills I possess that will positively contribute to the success of the UC Blue Ash Student Government are my accessibility, passion, and persistence. As far as accessibility is concerned, I try to make myself as approachable as possible. I typically do this by at least trying to engage with all the people I meet within the University ecosystem. Obviously with the pandemic raging, it’s a little more challenging to do that, but I still try to make an effort to engage with folks by keeping my camera on in-class and creating class group chats to at least try and foster some semblance of community during the COVID semesters. As far as passion and persistence goes (I’ve decided to clump them together because they work in tandem for me) I believe they could be of benefit to our Student Government as, in my mind, an elected official not only needs to have a desire to do something, but also a desire to keep on doing that something until they figure out the right formula to make that something a reality/a net positive for society.

What specifically would you like to make better at UC Blue Ash?

As I mentioned before, I really believe that engagement is what makes governance work at its best. When you add that to the fact that we are a relatively young tribunal (we have only been around for two years) and are going through a global pandemic, attendance to just interaction in general with our Student Government is limited, which is disheartening to me. That’s why my main goal as President is to figure out what we as a collective can do to increase the level of engagement within the UCBA Student government ecosystem. Although it is a tall order, I feel that with the help of our fantastic advisor, outgoing exec board, and YOU (the engaged student) we can figure out what exactly is going on and increase the pace of our Student Government’s development. Additionally, I’d like to make our campus more connected with the “main” (Clifton) campus. As a former Clifton student, I always assumed that Blue Ash and Clermont, although in physically different locations, were still connected with the greater University of Cincinnati Community. Unfortunately, though, it seems, at the very least, that many of the wonderful events that occur at Clifton are not advertised quite nearly as they could be at our regional campuses. The good thing is that others have also noticed that issue, so if elected to be YOUR next President, I will work with those folks to figure out a solution so that we are more included in the greater UC Community.

Why would you be a good candidate for your position?

The main reason I believe I am a fabulous candidate to be YOUR next President of UC Blue Ash Student Government is my experience as Vice President of our Student Government. Although I came on during the middle of the academic year (January 2021 to be exact) I was quickly thrust into the role, as on my first day on the job, I was promptly notified that I, along with our wonderful President and Senators, would be tasked with hosting the Main Campus Student Government as well as the Dean of UCBA at Muntz Hall in a few weeks! Though it wasn’t easy, I would say that all of us involved did a solid job in hosting them during this awful pandemic. From there, I was thrust into the role of amending our constitution, which taught me valuable skill as a leader. Although I’ve always been a well versed communicator, I never realized the tribulations associated with running/leading a group. With all the skills I’ve had combined with the experience I gained this past year, I feel as though I’m ready to take the mantle of the Presidency

Candidates for Public Relations Coordinator

Name: Kiara Berry

Major: Electronic Media Technology

Why do you want to be involved in Student Government?

I want to hone my leadership skills as well as provide fellow students with a safe space to voice their concerns and/or suggestions. Learn how to better manage my responsibilities not only as a student but a young adult. I also want to meet and learn about new people.

What skills do you possess which will contribute to the success of student government?

Multitasking comes fairly easy to me and I will always put my best efforts forward to remedy any problem. I have a friendly and outgoing personality that makes it easy for me to connect with students/staff any level.

As an E-Media major, I have developed some graphic design and web development skills that can aid in the promotion of campus activities. Having worked as Starbucks barista for 2 years now, I've realized teamwork is essential for tasks to be accomplished in an effective and efficient way. I would bring this same team player energy to student government.

What specifically would you like to make better at UC Blue Ash?

STUDENT ENGAGEMENT AND SUPPORT. With plans for the university to renew in-person classes this coming fall, it is imperative that we welcome students back to safe and supportive spaces. It has be extremely hard for everyone (some more than others) and I'm sure the topic of mental health will be discussed a lot. If selected for public relations, I would make not only promotion of these resources but also make efforts to create them as well.

Why would you be a good candidate for your position?

I understand that learning is at the core student government, whether it be about student concerns or your own personal development. My strong work ethic and creative will help to discover new ways to bring the student body and the university as a whole closer together. I am dedicated to the possibility of this new challenge.

Name: Ekra Khalid

Major: Pre-Health Sciences

Why do you want to be involved in Student Government?

I want to be involved in UC Student Government because I believe it will help me develop valuable leadership skills and provide me opportunities to be a part of something. As a student that spent her first year of college virtually, I didn't get the opportunity to seek out to join clubs and organizations. Joining student government can help me fill in that part of me that wants to get involved with my school. I love to help out and contribute ideas to my community. I want to bring new ideas on different ways we can capture the potential of students at UC Blue Ash.

What skills do you possess which will contribute to the success of student government?

I am a hard-working, responsible and positive individual that is eager to work towards making their school a better place. I am willing to lead committees and be a representative for my class. My creativeness helps assist me with coming up with fun activities and fundraisers. I am reliable and responsible when it comes to running activities.

What specifically would you like to make better at UC Blue Ash?

I would specifically like to inform students of all the activities and events UC Blue Ash has to offer to its students. A lot of students may not know about the opportunities and I would like to focus on bringing awareness of these things at UCBA through my position.

Why would you be a good candidate for your position?

I would be a good candidate for Public Relations because I am a person who has great communication skills and am not afraid to reach out and talk to people. I have the ability to plan effectively and bring awareness to different types of events on the campus.

Position Descriptions


  • Directs Executive and Tribunal meetings​
  • Assists the executive officers with their tasks
  • Takes initiative and takes responsibility with different tasks​
  • Checks emails daily and respond within a timely manner​
  • Makes sure the events planned are going well​
  • Reaches out to the executive officers and assigns tasks​
  • Monthly meetings with the Dean and Weekly meetings with the advisor of SG​
  • Contacts Main campus SG to further collaborate with them​
  • Representee and trustee of the students​
  • Reaches out to different groups within campus

Vice President

  • Assists the president​
  • Becomes the “interim” in case of any vacancy until the vacancy is filled​
  • Becomes the election committee chair and figures out the logistics of elections​
  • Supports other executive officers with the tasks they may need help with​
  • Meets biweekly with the advisor for a 1:1​


  • Takes notes on meetings twice a week (Tribunal and Executive Meetings)​
  • Ensures meeting minutes are up to date on platforms such as the OneDrive file, UCBA webpage and to the Public Relations Coordinator
  • Responds quickly to emails and sends out emails for various reasons
  • Helps all the Executives when needed​


  • Maintains the UCBA Tribunal budget​
  • Presents reports to both the Leadership Committee and the Tribunal​
  • Works closely with the Tribunal Adviser in creating an annual budget plan, which will be presented to other executives for overall approval.​
  • Reviews budget plan at the start of each semester and present updates to the tribunal.​
  • Works closely with other executives on programming to ensure adequate funding. Events that require expenditures will be approved by the Treasurer before planning the event to ensure that the necessary funds are available.​
  • Oversees expenses and update balance sheet(s) accordingly.​
  • In addition, treasurer will also assist in program planning, as necessary.​


  • Decides on matters of collegiate interest while representing the interests of student body​
  • Proposes, debates and votes on bills and amendments​
  • Examines issues within committees/community involving students​
  • Supports other Executives within their job role and collabs with a variety of committees, student group, administration​
  • Plans workshops and events pertaining to student body interest​
  • Reports activities or news to weekly senate meetings (Basic summary of UCBA Tribunal Meeting)​
  • Joins a committee as a part of the role and works to support the initiatives of Directors within that respective group​
  • Holds 6 hours of weekly office hours​

Public Relations Coordinator

  • Ensures all UCBA students have knowledge to SG events as well as have access to join our weekly Tribunals​
  • Responsible for sending announcements via email to the Thursday announcement manager (currently Josh Monson).​
  • Updates UCBASG main website with headshots of executive officers. Note: must email UCBASG main page’s manager (currently Pete Gemmer).​
  • Manages all UCBASG social media accounts.​
  • Updates meeting minutes on CampusLINK (Tribunal and Executive) Note: Executive meeting minutes should be seen only by executive officers, not members.​
  • Creates events on CampusLINK including RSVP questions and acceptable answers when necessary.​
  • Makes sure events get approved by CampusLINK manager.​
  • Sends invites via CampusLINK to join as either a member or executive officer.​
  • Creates a LinkTree to be used as the bio for Instagram. Note: ​
  • CC any or all executive members regarding emails that could have useful information benefitting the other executive member(s).


Contact Information

Chris Dziekan | Program Manager for Orientation and Leadership Development
Muntz Hall | Room 123
Phone: 513-745-5691
Email: dziekacr@uc.edu

Student Life Office
Muntz Hall | Room 123
Phone: 513-745-5773
Email: bastdlfe@uc.edu