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Career Development: Explore Majors & Careers

Many people these days change careers at least once in their working life, regardless of their college major. That said, it's worth investing time to explore majors and careers actively while you're in college, because it can:

  • guide you to choose courses and educational experiences that will help you home in on what you're good at and what you like to do
  • give you a wider perspective on the world of work
  • uncover fields or job titles you never knew existed
  • let you reach your professional goals faster
  • save time in the long run

Not sure where to start?

Take the online assessment “My Majors” to learn more about how UC can support your career goals. To analyze your results, schedule an appointment with Career Services.

Ways to explore Majors & Careers

  • Use the What Can I Do With This Major? interactive tool to see career paths that relate to different majors, including job titles, typical employers, further education, and general notes.
  • As you explore, think about these questions:
    • What kind of work do I think I want to do?
    • Which of my skills do I like to use?
    • What kind of work is likely to make me want to get up and go to work every day?
    • What job titles interest me?

What Can I Do With This Major? is produced by the University of Tennessee Center for Career Development and is provided free of charge to University of Cincinnati students by the Division of Experience-Based Learning and Career Education.

  • We highly encourage all students to connect with potential employers. A great way to do that is to visit their office and ask them questions about their career. It also gives you a chance to see what they do in their day-to-day life in their professional role. 
  • UC Blue Ash holds regular Job Shadow events. Please visit our Key Dates & Events (link to page) page to learn more about current Job Shadow opportunities.
  • Are you an employer who is interested in hosting a job shadow event? Please contact Sarah Grace McCollough at mccollsg@ucmail.uc.edu
  • Job Shadowing is also included in some of UC Blue Ash’s academic programs as a class assignment. Please reach out to Sarah Grace McCollough at mccollsg@ucmail.uc.edu to inquire more about this program.
  • InsideCareerInfo
  • View thousands of career tips in hundreds of career categories.
  • ONet Online
  • View thousands of career possibilities and compare how they might align with your professional goals.
  • Use virtual and online resources to help connect with alumni in careers that align with your professional goals.
  • Alumni Connect - Create a free profile and input your information to be able to set up virtual networking meetings with alumni who are eager to connect and meet with UC students!

In considering your major and the different options for your career, please consider the different transfer and transition options that UC Blue Ash Career Services has connected with the UC Uptown campus.


Contact Information

Sarah Grace McCollough

Career Services Program Manager
Email: mccollsg@ucmail.uc.edu
Phone: 513-558-9405