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CYC/UCBA Mentoring Program

The Cincinnati Youth Collaborative (CYC) and UC Blue Ash College (UCBA) are continuing to work together on an exciting initiative: the CYC/UCBA Mentoring Collaborative. The goal of the partnership is to engage as many UC Blue Ash students as possible in mentoring relationships.

We want to assist students with forming new relationships, building networks, setting and achieving goals, and using the resources that UC Blue Ash and UC offer.

The CYC/UCBA metoring program is on hiatus at this time, due to constraints related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Check back in 2022 for further updates.

About the Program

Mission & Goals

The mission of the UC Blue Ash/CYC Mentoring Partnership is to enhance the quality, efficacy, depth and diversity of each student's college experience through matching UC Blue Ash students with caring, committed and capable faculty, staff, alumni or community based mentors. Mentors and students develop a personal relationship, share experiences, explore opportunities for networking and growth, address challenges should they arise, and discuss personal well-being and balance, academic success strategies, navigating college, building networks, professional development and much more.

The UC Blue Ash (UCBA) / Cincinnati Youth Collaborative (CYC) Mentoring Partnership Program began in Fall 2017. The program served 86 UCBA students with 69 mentors in its initial year. In 2018-2019, the program served 135 students with 100 mentors. Expectations for the 2019-20 school year are to continue to serve over 100 students with just as many mentors. Research and the lived experiences of mentors and students show that an ongoing relationship with even one involved guide/advocate makes a substantial difference in a student's college experience.

Training Documents

Use these documents as a reference for any questions you have about procedures, expectations or mentor/mentee partnerships.

Mentor Resources

College Resources

Students are apprised of college resources early and often, starting at orientation and in First Year Experiences courses, through other instructors, through flyers and social media, etc. As regards these services, while you may need to reinforce info about them, your most critical role is to encourage using them. Use encouraging and effective referral techniques. See materials on effective referral in "resources" section of this mentoring web site.

Many of the most vital and commonly used services for UC Blue Ash students can be found below:

Who are the mentors?

Mentors come from far and wide - UC Blue Ash faculty, staff, faculty emeriti and alumni, as well as community partners from Cincinnati Youth Collaborative networks.

What do mentors do?

  • Mentor/coaches partner with either one or two students. Mentors and Mentees are expected to have two monthly engagements. This can be in-person or through other mediums.
  • Mentors help students form new relationships, build networks, set and achieve goals, and utilize the resources that UC Blue Ash and UC offer.

How are mentors and mentees supported?

  • Ongoing support is provided to both mentors and mentees though various means, including an on-site program coordinator at UC Blue Ash and periodic larger group gatherings.

Mentor Calendar

Fall Semester Calendar
Event Date/Time
Mentor Training: 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm, 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

August 15

Fall Semester Classes Begin August 26
Mentoring Matches Mailed Out August 28
Labor Day - No Classes September 2
Curriculum Communication: Week 1 September 3
Fall Semester Kick-Off: Mentees: 4:30 pm - 6:15 pm, Mentors: 4:45 pm - 6:15 pm

September 4

Curriculum Communication: Week 3 September 16
Curriculum Communication: Week 5 September 30
Monthly Survey October 2
CYC Dream Makers Celebration October 3
Fall Semester Reading Day - No Classes October 10
Fall Semester Reading Day - No Classes October 11
Curriculum Communication: Week 7 October 14
Curriculum Communication: Week 9 October 28
Monthly Survey November 6
Veterans Day - No Classes November 11
Curriculum Communication: Week 11 November 12
Curriculum Communication: Week 13 November 25
Thanksgiving Break - No Classes November 28
Thanksgiving Break - No Classes
November 29
Monthly Survey December 4
Last Day of Classes December 6
Exams & Curriculum Communication: Week 15 December 9
Spring Semester Calendar
Event Date/Time
Spring Semester Classes Begin/Curriculum Communication: Week 1 January 13
CYC Thank Your Mentor Celebration January 16
MLK Jr. Day - No Classes January 20
Curriculum Communication: Week 3 January 27
Monthly Survey February 5
Curriculum Communication: Week 5 February 10
Curriculum Communication: Week 7 February 24
Monthly Survey March 4
Curriculum Communication: Week 9 March 9
Spring Break - No Classes March 16 - 20
Curriculum Communication: Week 11 March 23
Monthly Survey & Relationship Questionnaire April 1
Curriculum Communication: Week 13 April 6
Curriculum Communication: Week 15 April 20
Spring Semester Last Day of Classes April 24
Spring Semester Exams April 27-30
CYC End-of-Year Cookout May 30


More Information

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Phone: 513-745-5670
Email: Greg Metz