UC Blue Ash College

Mentoring Programs

Mentoring programs allow UC Blue Ash College students to learn from the real-world experiences and decisions they have made to be successful. Mentoring opportunities are powerful and effective at helping students plan they futures and learn from those who have been there before.

Cincinnati Youth Collaborative Mentoring Mission

Now in its second year, UC Blue Ash College is proud to continue our partnership with the Cincinnati Youth Collaborative on an exciting initiative for the full academic year: the CYC/UCBA Mentoring Collaborative. The goal of the partnership is to engage as many UC Blue Ash students as possible in mentoring relationships.

Data shows that students who engage in mentoring activities earn higher GPAs and have lower rates of academic standing issues when compared to previous years.

College Possible Coaching Program

UC Blue Ash College is excited to kick off a college coaching succes program with College Possible, an organization that trains and employs "near peer" Americorps college graduates, to implement a meticulously developed first-year success curriculum.


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