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Student Accessibility Resources

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The following resources are available to assist students and answer questions about getting started and qualifying for services.

Who is eligible for accommodations?

Students with a documented disability or medical condition may be eligible for accommodations through the Accessibility Resources (AR). Documentation that contains the name and specific details about a student's disability are kept confidential in the AR office.

Apply for Accessibility Accommodations

  1. Complete the Online Application for Services.
  2. Upload Documentation of Disability
    1. We accept documentation from a variety of sources including; IEPs, 504 Plans, psychological evaluations, medical records, letters provided by qualified medical professionals or a Medical Professional Disability Verification Form. Once available, documentation must be uploaded to this application for review.
    2. An application cannot be saved and completed 0later date so start this application when you have all required documentation.
  3. Call our office a 513792-8625 or email ucbaar@uc.edu to schedule Intake Accommodation Appointment. Please contact Accessibility Resources 513-558-9414 or email ucbaar.uc.edu with questions.
  4. What do I do with my Accommodation Form once I receive it?
  • Learning disabilities: LD, slow processing speed, dyslexia
  • Attention deficit disorder:ADD / ADHD
  • Psychological: depression, anxiety disorder, bipolar, PTSD, OCD, etc.
  • Medical / chronic illness: epilepsy, sickle cell, cancer, crohn's, migraines, diabetes, fibromyalgia, asthma, lupus, etc.
  • Autism spectrum / autism / asperger's
  • Physical: cerebral palsy, spina bifida, spinal cord injury, arthritis, carpal tunnel, etc.
  • Hearing: hearing impaired or deaf
  • Cognitive: brain injury, concussion
  • Visual: low vision or blind
  • Temporary: broken bone, recent surgery, pregnancy complications
  • Writing Center: one-on-one appointments with tutor who can assist with any phase of writing assignments (from idea generation to the final draft).
  • Study Skills: one-on-one appointments with tutor who helps students with organization, reading comprehension, staying on schedule, effective note taking and test anxiety
  • Math Lab: small group tutoring and some individual tutoring during non-peak times.
  • Science Lab: small group tutoring and some individual tutoring during non-peak times.
  • Foreign Language Lab: extensive listening library.
  • Accounting and Economics tutor
  • Most tutoring labs are open six days a week and evenings.
  • Most instructors are readily available to work with students during their office hours.

Request Specialized Accommodation Services

If you require specialized classroom accommodations for academic instruction on the UC Blue Ash College, please fill out the form below to inform us of your needs.

Communications Access Team

The Communications Access Team (CAT) sets a new standard for provided service by allowing students to couple services together instead of selecting a single service. Using American Sign Language (ASL)/English interpreters and Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART) writers, CAT works one-on-one with students registered with Accessibility Resources to determine an individualized set of services enabling students to effectively access course content and engage in campus life.

Online Learning Accomodations

UC Blue Ash College recognizes the need and importance of accommodating for distance learning for students with certain disabilities or disadvantages.

PLease be aware: if you are already registered with the Accessibility Resources office and are taking an online course along with standard classes, the same procedure will apply. You will need to contact the Accessibility Resources office and inform us. This procedure will begin for you at step 4 in the list below.

In order to begin receiving academic accommodations for online courses, you must register with the Accessibility Resources Office (AR).

  1. Contact our office at 513-558-9414 or via our email at ucba.accessibilityresources@uc.edu to schedule an Intake Interview (or phone interview, if applicable) with a Director of Accessibility Resources to review documentation (see below) and ensure that accommodations will be provided. Please note that the intake interview will take about 35 to 40 minutes to complete.
    1. Documentation Guidelines: In order for our office to provide the most appropriate and reasonable accommodations, we would prefer to receive documentation that follows the guidelines listed below. Once the documentation is provided, an intake will follow to discuss the impact of the disability within the academic environment. Please contact our office if you have any additional questions or comments.
    2. Documentation from a qualified professional should be recent (three years old or newer is preferred). The best quality documentation is from a licensed or credentialed professional who is a good match for the disability described (e.g., a psychologist should not diagnose an orthopedic disability). Documentation should include the following:
      1. A clear diagnostic statement that describes when and how the condition was diagnosed and provides information on the impact of the disability;
      2. A description of the diagnostic methods (if applicable) should be included;
      3. Documentation should contain a description of how the condition will impact the student within the academic environment;
      4. Current and past accommodations, services, and/or medications should be documented if applicable;
  2. Fax or bring your documentation to our campus location: 112L Muntz Hall or fax to 513-792-8624. Upon scheduling an Intake Interview, our Director of Accessibiity Resources will then review your documentation. You will be notified if your documentation meets requirements or if additional information/documentation is required before accommodations can be provided.
  3. Once your documentation is approved and accommodations determined, the Director of Accessibiity Resources will complete all appropriate paperwork and submit your file to the Accommodation Coordinator of your respective home college, i.e. College of Education, College of Engineering, etc., who will be your main point person for problems/issues/advocacy related to your status as a student with a disability. The Director will then provide you with the appropriate contact name, phone, and e-mail of your Accommodation Coordinator. Please note that this person is housed in the Accessibility Resources Office and not your home college. 
  4. Accessibiity Resources will send a PDF version of your accommodations to your UC e-mail. This will serve as your Accommodation Form for that term. Your responsibility will be to forward the Accommodation Form to each online instructor.
  5. If there are problems/issues associated with the accommodations listed, the Director of Accessibiity Resources will work with you and the instructor to determine a reasonable solution. The student should alert his or her Director of AR about any such issue.

Accessibility Resources Scholarships

UC Blue Ash College and the Accessibility Resources office are proud to have scholarships specifically designated to assist our student population with disabilities.

Through the generosity of the Marge and Charles J. Schott Foundation, the University of Cincinnati is proud to offer a scholarship to a student that has self-identified with a significant physical disability, such as paraplegia or quadriplegia. It is the hope of the trustees of the Foundation and family members of Marge Schott that the recipient will continue his/her quests for knowledge and realize his/her dreams.

This scholarship is available to an undergraduate student, with sophomore to senior status, who is enrolled full-time and matriculating at any college of the University of Cincinnati. It may be renewed annually as long as the student is in good academic standing and demonstrates financial need.

The confidential, three-part application must be completed by you and a personal or professional reference; this individual may not be a member of your family. All three sections of the application must be submitted together.

One $475 scholarship is awarded in two $237.50 installments for the fall and spring semesters. This award is contingent upon the student continuing in his/her program and maintaining at least a 2.5 GPA.

Sherri Warshaw is a registered dental hygienist, Mayo-Clinic Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialist and a UC Blue Ash Alumna, Class of 1995. Her inspiration for starting this scholarship is a member of her family who has Asperger syndrome. By providing the scholarship support, Sherri will help future students with disabilities to be "set up for success" while navigating college at UC Blue Ash.

More details coming in the Spring.

Additional Student Resources

These informational resources will help you better understand accessibility issues in the classroom.


Contact Information

John Kraimer - Program Director

Muntz Hall | Room 112L
(Far right corner of computer concourse)
Hours: Mon-Fri 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Phone: 513-558-9414
Email: ucba.accessibilityresources@uc.edu