UC Blue Ash College

Calls for Entry

The UC Blue Ash College has exhibits that for artists from every group, including students, alumni, faculty, staff and the surrounding community. This page will list the latest entries being accepted and let you know about some upcoming exhibits.

Art Gallery Exhibit Proposals

Have an idea for an exhibit at our gallery? UC Blue Ash is always interested in hearing your proposals. However, we do ask that proposals follow our guidelines and provide certain materials for consideration.

Proposal Directions

All applicants will be notified in a timely fashion as to whether their proposal is accepted or not accepted.

  1. Please complete all of the contact information at the beginning of the proposal form. If your contact information changes, please contact the gallery staff at bagaller@ucmail.uc.edu or call 513-936-1712.     
  2. The proposal form may appear to favor 2-D and 3-D artworks, but it is not intended to discourage proposals that include or consist solely of live arts, lectures, digital media, group or thematic shows and screenings.
  3. On the sample listing form, please note the title, medium, dimensions, date of completion and duration, if applicable. Please list images sequentially and include your last name in the file title, e.g. 1 Marko.jpg.
  4. All image files should be prepared as .jpg(s) in RGB color space with a 1024 X 768 pixel aspect ratio. This ensures that all images are viewed in a comparable presentation size. Most files will be smaller than three megabytes. Please submit images of at least six distinct works with no more than four close up images of details. Please submit a maximum of only ten images.
  5. Applicants may consider submitting two (2) video / audio segments of two (2) minutes each in length with an additional five (5) still images. The media files should be viewable in VLC and should be smaller than 350 megabytes.
  6. Please do not write statements or descriptions longer than the stated word count limit.
  7. Do not submit web links or PowerPoint files in lieu of media files.
  8. Without mutual agreement between the artist(s) and the gallery director, artworks to be exhibited should be the same or consistent with the submitted samples. The director reserves the right to reject substantially different artwork.
  9. Individuals filing proposals must be at least 18 years old. Students (over 18 years old) are not precluded from filing proposals. The UCBA Art Gallery Proposal process is open to artists, curators and exhibitors, 18 years and older, who live within a 100 mile radius of Cincinnati.
  10. Please complete the checklist and good luck!


Contact Information

Phone: 513-936-1712
Email: bagaller@ucmail.uc.edu