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Perceptions of Self - Art Exhibition


Exhibit Dates

December 6 - December 9, 2016

Perceptions of Self: An Introduction

By John Wolfer and H. Michael Sanders, Curators

Our sense of self is built on the fertile ground of our experience. Family life, personal relationships, personality, self-confidence, values, presence and absence, strength and weakness, and time: all of these aspects of the individual are questioned as we gaze at ourselves and seek to understand who we are and what we are about.

To some degree, we all see what we are predisposed to look for, which is to say we are all looking at the world around us with a measure of preconception. The human figure, and specifically our own face, is a subject about which we have perhaps the most preconceptions and the most familiarity. The ubiquitous “selfie” of our contemporary online environment stands as a reflexive testament to such familiarity and preconceptions.

However, the serious self-portrait has always been a challenge for visual artists to confront from a vantage point of personal discovery in an effort to explore both the physicality and the psychology of the self. Students involved in this exhibition were asked to confront these preconceptions about the self and utilize light, feeling, mood, and the illusion of space to render their own image in a realistic, yet thoughtful manner. In the process, perhaps they surprise themselves by revealing facets of the self previously unknown.

Gallery Exhibition Participants

Foundation Drawing I Students | Art & Visual Communication

Margo Adwani - Self-Portrait

Margo Adwani - Self-Portraits

Tristan Behling - Self-Portrait

Tristan Behling - Self-Portraits

Kat Brown - Self-Portrait

Kat Brown - Self-Portraits

Cassandra Campbell - Self-Portrait

Cassandra Campbell - Self-Portraits

Michaela Dial - Self-Portrait

Michaela Dial - Self-Portraits

Ryan Fick - Self-Portrait

Ryan Fick - Self-Portraits

Mario Giallombardo - Self-Portrait

Mario Giallombardo - Self-Portraits

Felicia Head - Self-Portrait

Felicia Head - Self-Portraits

Amber Lanese - Self-Portrait

Amber Lanese - Self-Portraits

Kelly McCabe - Self-Portrait

Kelly McCabe - Self-Portraits

Jeremy McConnell - Self-Portrait

Jeremy McConnell - Self-Portraits

Emma Snyder - Self-Portrait

Emma Snyder - Self-Portraits

Kaitlin Stewart - Self-Portrait

Kaitlin Stewart - Self-Portraits

Cole Tibbs - Self-Portrait

Cole Tibbs - Self-Portraits

Kayla Turner - Self-Portrait

Kayla Turner - Self-Portraits

Natalie Wisler - Self-Portrait

Natalie Wisler - Self-Portraits

Photography I Students | Electronic Media Communications

Sara Aulds - Self-Portrait

Sara Aulds - Self-Portraits

Patrice Cole - Self-Portrait

Patrice Cole - Self-Portraits

McKenzie Cornell - Self-Portrait

McKenzie Cornell - Self-Portraits

Janusia Figueiredo - Self-Portrait

Janusia Figueiredo - Self-Portraits

Abbey Geverd - Self-Portrait

Abbey Geverd - Self-Portraits

Jacob Gibbs - Self-Portrait

Jacob Gibbs - Self-Portraits

Nathan Hackman - Self-Portrait

Nathan Hackman - Self-Portraits

Jameil Haynes - Self-Portrait

Jameil Haynes - Self-Portraits

Kaley Hicks - Self-Portrait

Kaley Hicks - Self-Portraits

Lauren Johnson - Self-Portrait

Lauren Johnson - Self-Portraits

Grant Landon - Self-Portrait

Grant Landon - Self-Portraits

Chris McNamee - Self-Portrait

Chris McNamee - Self-Portraits

Dana Mulvaney - Self-Portrait

Dana Mulvaney - Self-Portraits

Victoria Phelps - Self-Portrait

Victoria Phelps - Self-Portraits

Ezra Garfinkle Plymesser - Self-Portrait

Ezra Garfinkle Plymesser - Self-Portraits

Hannah Ridge - Self-Portrait

Hannah Ridge - Self-Portraits

Ana "Patty" Salas Rios - Self-Portrait

Ana “Patty” Salas Rios - Self-Portraits

Griffin Schneider - Self-Portrait

Griffin Schneider - Self-Portraits

Adrian Smith - Self-Portrait

Adrian Smith - Self-Portraits

Theodore Wininger - Self-Portrait

Theodore Wininger - Self-Portraits


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  • Foundation Drawing I instructors and judges include Tracy Creahan-Johnson, Mark Hanavan, Bill Malczan and John Wolfer.
  • Photography I instructors and judges include Helen Adams-Borders, Matt Bennett, William Boyle, Guennadi Maslov and H. Michael Sanders.
  • Exhibition Curated by H. Michael Sanders and John Wolfer and is made possible in part through a grant from ArtsWave.

The UC Blue Ash Art Gallery is supported by the Office of the Dean and the departments of Art & Visual Communication and Electronic Media Communications. This exhibition is curated by H. Michael Sanders and John Wolfer. Gallery publications are edited by H. Michael Sanders and designed by Michael Ziepfel. John Wolfer is gallery director.


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