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Student Success Profile: Ruthie Galberg

Josh Alonge sitting at a laptop on the UC Blue Ash campus

Ruthie Galberg on the UC Blue Ash campus patio.

When considering which college to attend, Ruthie Galberg was looking for a campus with strong academics, affordable tuition and a supportive environment to help her explore a career path fit for her skills and interests. UC Blue Ash College provided her everything she was looking for.

“At 17-years-old, I thought, ‘Oh my, college is big. I don’t know if I’m ready for this.’ I ended up graduating from high school early, but I felt comfortable from the start [at UC Blue Ash.] They truly have something for everyone here and it’s easy to find where you fit in.”

UC Blue Ash gave me the opportunity to come in and understand where I want to be and what I want to do.

Ruthie Galberg

Three female UC Blue Ash student ambassadors with Bearcat mascot

Ruthie Galberg joined some of her fellow Student Ambassadors and the Bearcat at UC Blue Ash’s annual Celebrating the Best event.

Initially uncertain about the area of study she wanted to pursue, Galberg hoped to utilize her first few years of college as a chance to better understand her professional interests while also immersing herself in campus life.

“UC Blue Ash gave me the opportunity to come in and understand where I want to be and what I want to do. Being able to take smaller classes at a low cost, while close to home, made it convenient for me to be able to explore what I’m passionate about.”

From internships to serving as a Student Ambassador, and even participating in club softball and assisting with the team’s content creation for social media, Galberg was able to find valuable experiences outside of the classroom to help shape her career aspirations.

“I’ve discovered a passion for representing different people and organizations through social media. The Media Communications and Technology Department offered me a little bit of everything and readied me to go into the field I found would be a perfect fit for me.”

As she looks forward to completing her bachelor’s degree in media production at the UC Uptown Campus, Galberg encourages others to see all UC Blue Ash has to offer.

“I guarantee you’ll find something here. Whether it’s what you want to study or a group you want to be a part of, they want to see every student succeed, including providing a clear way to smoothly transfer your credits. Your professors, advisors and staff are there to help you out and ensure you know exactly what you’re doing.”


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