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Frequently Asked Questions for Parents & Family

Students interested in applying for financial aid must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). It is available online at FASA headquarters. The UC Blue Ash One Stop Service Center can also provide answers about the application process.  You can learn more at UC's One Sop Center or by calling 513-745-5740. 

Yes, the college provides approximately 50 scholarships totaling more than $70,000 to deserving students each year. Some of the scholarships are available to all students with good academic standing, while others are tied to specific academic programs. View all UC Blue Ash scholarship opportunities.

UC Blue Ash offers FREE academic support through the following labs/tutoring centers. 

Yes, we provide the FREE UC Blue Ash Shuttle for students every weekday during each semester. The shuttle travels to and from UC Uptown throughout the day and is available to all students who are taking at least one class at UC Blue Ash. Get more information and current schedule times.

Students should meet with their academic advisor at least once a semester.  Our advisors work with our students to create an academic plan based on the student’s goals and helps them set up their course schedule each semester to stay on track with those goals. Visit our Academic Advising  webpage for more details.

Technically, once your "child" begins college, he or she is considered an adult. That means that all expectations for adult behavior come into play. Your son/daughter will be expected to come to each class on time (if not early), and come to class prepared (i.e. having done the reading for the day; prepared any questions about the reading he/she has; has his/her notebook and writing utensil, book, and/or electronic device for taking notes; is sufficiently awake to pay attention and interact with the class). He/she is expected to ask questions if there is any misunderstanding of material - this can be done in class, during office hours, through a separate appointment with the professor, through e-mail, by phone, etc. Your son/daughter is also now responsible for keeping track of deadlines and exam dates, and making sure all work is done on time; he or she is now in charge of their own time management.

At the college level, the student is in charge of his or her education. The student decides his or her major and how to get his/her schedule of classes to take care of the requirements for the major while accommodating any work or family responsibilities. The student is in charge of managing his or her courses and discussing any issues with a course with the professor.

What does this really mean? It means that your son or daughter is responsible for all work done towards his or her education. As a parent, you are not responsible for making sure the above actions are completed. Unless there is a medical emergency, parents should not expect to discuss their son or daughter's attendance or performance in course with the professor. The parent should not register the student for classes, nor contribute to any assignments or papers. Parents should not call or text students to check on them during class sessions, nor e-mail or call professors for updates. Just as your parents wouldn't call your employer to discuss your work performance or upcoming promotion prospects, you shouldn't contact professors to inquire about the same kinds of information. Ask your son or daughter to make those inquiries on his/her own based on his/her interest in the field of study for the course at hand.

Remember - this is your son or daughter's education, so it is his/her responsibility to maneuver the process.

Your son/daughter's education at UCBA will either prepare them for a career or transitioning to UC's Uptown campus to finish a bachelor's degree, depending on his/her major. Students who are accepted in the Nursing and Dental Hygiene programs, for example, can expect to get an education that will maximize their ability to pass state board certification tests that may lead to employment in a few short years. Students who major in a variety of other programs designed as transfer programs will essentially do 60+ credit hours of course work that will lead to an Associate's Degree, but that will also take care of the first 2+ years of a Bachelor's Degree program in a college on UC's Uptown campus (e.g., College of Business, College of Arts & Sciences, etc.).

His/her education will be equivalent, if not more rigorous, than the education he/she would get starting at UC's Uptown campus or other college or university in the area. Though we are open access, UCBA faculty provide courses that are consistent with high academic standards. We accomplish this by keeping class sizes small so that students can get the one-on-one attention they need to master the course material. Our faculty are leaders in advances in teaching techniques, and we are always searching for ways to improve students' chances at being successful in college.

Your son/daughter will get a high-quality education in a comfortable, supportive environment. Classes sizes are kept small (i.e. most classes have 30 students or less in them) so that faculty can provide one-on-one assistance when students are struggling with material. These small class sizes also allow students to develop friendships and "study buddies" more easily - it is hard to hide when you are not in a 200-student lecture hall. Faculty learn students' names, so they aren't simply a number of a class roster. Faculty and staff are dedicated to assisting your son/daughter in his/her educational pursuits, which translates into spontaneous conversations outside of class for updates on how students are doing and walking students to the various resource centers they may need.

Even though our campus is small and a short drive to UC's Uptown campus, students still enjoy the benefits of being a UC student, including student ticket pricing for athletic events, access to libraries and student groups on the Uptown campus, and most courses offered on the Uptown campus. We even have a shuttle bus to make traveling from the Blue Ash campus to the Uptown campus and back easier on our students.

Oh, and there is that bit about UCBA costing almost half the tuition price as starting on the UC Uptown Campus. Saving money for courses that will transfer to the Bachelor’s Degree programs at the UC Uptown campus is always a good thing.


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