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Did you know that reading requires more than finding a quiet space and opening up a novel or textbook? Reading is an active learning method. Active reading means that as students read, they engage in turning a page, make notes in margins, underline, circle, and highlight. What? Write in a book? Yes, write in a book, or at least take notes on paper about what you've read.

At the UCBA Writing Center, the reading tutors help students identify key reading strategies and concepts while they read. Each individual student has specific reading needs and the reading tutors help gear them towards using specific strategies that offer individual support. Reading tutors often help students decode and identify key concepts in college textbooks that can sometimes seem daunting and overwhelming.

Reading Tutors Are Here To:

  • Assist students in examining how texts are constructed.
  • Assist students in all disciplines to improve their reading strategies to comprehend college-level texts.
  • Help students improve comprehension and vocabulary.
  • Strengthen students' critical reading and thinking skills to conduct their own research. Provide reading instruction including comprehension, critical thinking, main ideas, supporting details, inferences, transitions, vocabulary, reading speed.
  • Individualized reading programs for independent study.
  • Language and reading support for non-native speakers of English.

Tips For Better Retention

  • Find a place without any distractions. Turn your cell phone, computer, and television off.
  • Set aside a designated amount of time to devote to just reading.
  • Flip through the required reading assignment. Familiarize yourself with what you are going to read.
  • As you read, highlight and write notes about important facts and details on the page itself.
  • After you've finished reading, ask yourself some questions about what you just read. Summarize what is most important!


Appointments can be scheduled online through TutorTrac.


Contact Information

Eric Van Hoose

Writing and Study Skills Center Manager
Muntz Hall 112K