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Study Skills Services

Study Skills tutoring is designed to benefit all students at UCBA. Whether you are working on sharpening your academic and organizational skills, want to improve specific problem areas, or are interested in learning valuable study strategies, study skills is inclusive to all students who would like to improve their academic standing.

What Do Study Skills Tutors Offer?

  • Provide study skills tutoring in most academic subjects.
  • Help students acquire study skills through interactive workshops: time management, organization, taking notes, improving memory/concentration, managing stress/test anxiety, problem solving, etc.
  • Offer test review service to help students improve their test-taking skills.

Tutoring Sessions

Students receive one-on-one attention during tutoring sessions but small groups can also be accommodated. Organization, time management, note taking, textbook analysis, test-taking tips, goal setting, problem solving, stress and test anxiety management are study skills topics that tutors can address when helping students develop more effective and efficient study habits. Tutors can show students how to apply these study skills to any academic subject.

Test Review

Students can also request a test review of a previously taken test in order to improve future test scores. Students requesting a test review must give notice 48 hours in advance.

Study Workshops

Workshops provide an in-depth look at specific strategies that are critical to academic success. Each session lasts approximately 50 minutes. Students will receive a packet of information that highlights the tutoring session through the use of text, photographs, diagrams and charts.


Appointments can be scheduled online through TutorTrac.


Contact Information

Eric Van Hoose

Writing and Study Skills Center Manager
Muntz Hall 112K

Student Groups

When studying or working through classwork, it can often be helpful to work with a group of peers. To that end, the Writing and Study Skills Center has two student groups that can help you along the way.

English Conversation Group

The English Conversation Group provides community through fun, social activities and by communicating across cultures. Topics include: language, food, current events, university engagement, music, dance, and the arts. In collaboration with other campus departments, the ECG works to provide a supportive cultural exchange and speaking and listening community. The English Conversation Group welcomes any and all UCBA students. 

  • When: Thursdays, 4:00 to 5:00 pm
  • Where: Muntz Hall 333

We send weekly email updates about group meetings. Please email the WSSC manager if you would like to receive email updates.

Creative Writing Club