Ambassador Intern

2016-17 Ambassador Interns

The Student Ambassador Interns will work closely with the Student Life office to plan and implement the Student Ambassador program. The Intern will serve as a peer consultant to ambassadors and will assist with scheduling, updating and supporting the ambassadors. They will also develop and facilitate components of ambassador training and monthly meetings. During the academic year, the intern will supervise the work of ambassadors by shadowing campus tours, aiding in program facilitation, and providing constructive feedback to improve ambassador performance.


Julie Etherton


Shaine Jackson

Acceptance Requirements

  • Have been a Student Ambassador
  • Currently Enrolled as a UC Student with 15+ credit hours at UCBA
  • Minimum 3.0 GPA

Benefits of this Position

  • Receive a full tuition scholarship
  • Receive hourly pay
  • Earn valuable leadership experience
  • Develop teamwork skills
  • Stay involved with your college community

Contact Information

Sarah Wolfe
Muntz Hall • Room 123

Phone: (513) 936-1565