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EXCITE Career Services Guide

Whether you are deciding if a major is right for you, exploring career options, writing a resume or cover letter, seeking an internship, looking for a job or need interview help, the EXCITE Office is committed to helping you achieve your professional goals.  

EXCITE is here to help with anything that falls under the career services umbrella.

  • Internships/Job Opportunities
  • Resume Review
  • Interviewing
  • Job Search
  • Employer Relations

Visit the EXCITE Office early — the sooner you begin, the better prepared you will be to take the step from college to career!

Alumni or employers, please email me directly at Tanya.Williams@uc.edu

Resume Review

Your resume is one of the most powerful tools you'll create to help you market yourself to potential employers — so you gotta nail this! Your resume needs to communicate exactly how your knowledge, skills and abilities make you the best candidate for the job.

The EXCITE Office can work with you if you are a first-time resume writer (download our Fundamentals of Resume Writing Guide PDF to get started) or have a resume that needs to be fine-tuned. Ready to meet? Schedule an appointment to strategize with a career coach in our office.

Career Vocabulary

Know your career vocabulary:

  • Internship: An experience where a student works as a member of an organization in order to gain real work experience and “test drive” the chosen career field.
  • Pre-Professional Employment: A job opportunity that allows students with little or no work experience to hone some of the cross-functional skills necessary for any industry.
  • Unpaid Field Placement: A supervised opportunity to gain vital work experience by applying lessons and theory learned in the classroom.
  • Externship/Job Shadow: A temporary on-site visit to a workplace that can last for several hours, or up to a week, in order to gain knowledge of the job and company.
  • Co-Op: A course of study typically designed for engineers or medical students that involves supervised practical application of previously studied techniques.
  • Practicum: A course of study typically designed for the preparation of teachers and clinicians that involves the supervised practical application of previously studied theory.
  • Clinical: The observation and treatment of actual patients, often in a local medical center, rather than theoretical or laboratory studies.
  • Apprenticeship: A time where a student learns by practical experience under skilled and trained workers of a trade or art.

Make an Appointment

Current students can make an appointment using Starfish! It’s quick and easy!

  1. Go to Canopy and log in with your UC username and password.
  2. Under Tools on the left-side of the page, select Starfish.
  3. Select the arrow next to My Name.
  4. Select Schedule.
  5. Find availability and select a time.
  6. Determine type of appointment you need and schedule.
  7. That’s it!

Need more help with Starfish? Visit the Starfish guide for students.


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