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Student Lingo Workshops

Student Lingo workshops are unavailable at this time, due to restraints related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Check back in the summer of 2021 for further updates.

Student Lingo is a series of online student success video workshops available to all UC Blue Ash College students. The videos address various areas pertinent to student success and academic excellence. These online resources are a supplement to our stellar and highly recommended in-person support services and academic support labs at UC Blue Ash.

Student Lingo workshops provide information and resources on topics critical to student success, are designed and delivered by national student success experts, and can help any UC Blue Ash student enhance academic success, personal well-being and make the most of the college experience. All UC Blue Ash students, staff, faculty members, instructors and community partners have free access to these workshops.

Provide your UC email and create a password to access the videos.

You will then have access to any of the eight Student Lingo workshops indicated below. Each workshop is about 30 minutes in length. Each workshop has an action plan for a student to complete after watching, a printable certificate of completion, and links to lots of additional resources.

Which workshops are available?

UC Blue Ash College students, faculty and staff have access to eight different workshops.

  • How To Achieve Well Being Balance and Success
  • Creating Your College Bucket List
  • 10 Habits of Mind for College Success
  • Time Management : Strategies For Success
  • How To Succeed in Math
  • Study and Note Taking Strategies
  • Stress Management Techniques
  • How To Reduce Test Anxiety

How to Access

Access is absolutely free for any UC Blue Ash student, staff, faculty member, instructor or community partner. Begin by visiting Student Lingo and creating an account. Just indicate your email, create a password and you will have access to any of the eight Student Lingo online video workshops acquired by UC Blue Ash.

Who Can Use the Lingo Materials?

Any UC Blue Ash student, staff or faculty have access.

Each video has an associated action plan that student can complete. This could be handed in. Students can also print certificate of completion. Each video also has additional resources, accessible directly from the video.


Contact Information

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