UC Blue Ash College

Group Visits

Schedule a group visit to UC Blue Ash College!

UC Blue Ash College offers large groups the chance to explore our campus and learn about what we offer.

Group visits are ideal for college access programs, organizations, or high school classes. Group visits are organized for prospective college students and are not intended for general field trip purposes.

If you are a prospective student who would like to speak with an admissions officer and go on a campus tour with your family or friends, please register for a Campus Visit.

What is included in a group visit

When you bring your group to UC Blue Ash College, your visit will include:

  • 45-minute admission and college overview.
  • 30-minute walking tour of campus.
  • Optional assistance in completing UC Blue Ash application
  • Other topics can be included, as possible, at the request of the group.

Conditions and Expectations

To ensure that your group has a positive experience, we ask that your group schedules its visit using the following conditions and expectations

  • Arrangements must be made at least three weeks in advance due to limited space availability.
  • We require at least one chaperone for every 10-12 students. A chaperone is required to accompany each tour group.
  • We are unable to accommodate Group Visits during University breaks or during finals week
  • Please be on-time for your Group Visit. We cannot guarantee the full UC Blue Ash College experience if your group does not arrive on-time. If your group is late, your scheduled itinerary may be modified or canceled.
  • UC Blue Ash College representatives will rely on chaperones to maintain positive and respectful group behavior. Please have a conversation about appropriate behavior with the group prior to arrival.


Contact Information

Admissions Office
Phone: 513-745-5700
Email: admissions@ucblueash.edu