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Chemistry Program

The AA chemistry program is a two-year associate of arts degree designed for students who wish to apply to UC's pharmacy program or transfer into scientifically oriented baccalaureate programs that are appropriate for medical, dental and veterinary school.

The AA in chemistry is well suited for students with a background and interest in science. The program provides for extensive laboratory work; therefore, the enjoyment of hands-on laboratory work is important. Chemistry majors also learn to observe critically and record what happens in the laboratory; they analyze data and apply chemical knowledge learned in the classroom to draw conclusions about their observations.

Where It Will Take You

Graduates with a bachelor's degree in this major are employed as:

  • Chemists in the manufacturing industry and state, local or federal governments, including production, quality control and research
  • Chemistry teachers
  • Industrial research and development scientists
  • Forensic scientists
  • Physicians and health care professionals
  • Pharmacists - AA CHEM as a pathway

Transition-Oriented Program

The program is designed so that students may earn an associate of arts degree and transfer into the third year of the BS chemistry program at UC's College of Arts and Sciences (A&S).


Contact Information

Christopher Gulgas, PhD

Associate Professor of Chemistry
Walters Hall 280