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Radiologic Imaging Technology

Radiologic Technologists are educationally prepared and clinically competent in the handling and use of radiation imaging equipment to assist with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and illnesses.  The program emphasizes leadership skills within professional practice or clinical specializations in Computed Tomography or Cardiac Interventional Radiography.

The program includes an integrated plan of classroom, laboratory, and clinical education. In addition to regular classroom coursework, students spend an average of 24 hours per week practicing their skills in the laboratory or clinical setting.

Where It Will Take You

Begin your career as a Radiologic Technologist as soon as you complete your degree. You will possess the knowledge, communication skills, and critical thinking skills to operate complex medical equipment properly and deliver quality patient care.

Day-to-day, Radiologic Technologists work with other members of the health care team as well as patients and family members. They explain procedures to patients, ensure proper equipment function, acquire medical images, evaluate image quality, and assist physicians during radiologic imaging procedures.


Contact Information

Allied Health Program Coordinator
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