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Pre-Medical Laboratory Science Program

The AS Pre-Medical Laboratory Science program represents the first two years of the bachelor of science degree offered by UC's College of Allied Health Sciences. Medical laboratory scientists with a bachelor of science degree and professional certification are allied health professionals who participate in patient care by performing laboratory procedures that assist in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

The analysis performed by medical laboratory scientists may be in the areas of chemistry, microbiology, hematology, immunology, toxicology, and blood banking. Laboratory scientists perform manual and automated procedures and utilize laboratory information computer systems to analyze and transmit patient data. Medical laboratory scientists are also responsible for the quality control and quality assurance procedures in the laboratory.

Where It Will Take You

BS medical laboratory scientists obtain employment in a variety of settings. These settings include hospital laboratories, independent laboratories, clinics and physicians' offices, research and development laboratories, public/government health agencies, forensics laboratories, and pharmaceutical companies. Program graduates are generally able to choose from several entry-level technologist positions.

Advanced certification is available in each laboratory area for those who choose to pursue a higher level of training. Graduate training in one of the laboratory disciplines will allow individuals to advance to supervisory positions and intermediate level research positions. Regardless of the setting, medical laboratory scientists consistently work in a challenging, fast paced, and collegial environment. Additionally, graduates of the program are well qualified for entry into professional and graduate programs such as medicine and physician's assistant.

Transition-Oriented Program

The Associate of Science Pre-Medical Laboratory Science program encompasses the first two years of the general admissions portion of the bachelor of science degree. After completing the associate of science program, students transfer to the College of Allied Health Sciences to complete a third year of more specific clinical laboratory science classes. Learn more about transition-oriented programs.


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Pre-Medical Laboratory Science Program
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