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Staff Spotlight: Carolina de Salvo

Carolina hiking in Evergreen, Colorado.

Carolina hiking in Evergreen, Colorado.

Carolina de Salvo with city in background

Carolina outside the Instituto Baccarelli where she used to work. It’s in one of the poorer sections of São Paulo, Brazil.

When did you start at UCBA and what are your current responsibilities?

I joined UC Blue Ash in July 2023 as the Communication & Events Coordinator. It's my first job in the United States after a 20-year career in Communication and Events in Brazil, with a strong focus on Education and Culture. My role involves planning and managing social media, content creation, and event planning. I spend my days researching trends in social media, especially in higher education, creating written and visual content, and engaging with students and staff. I also coordinate various social and academic events at the college.

What is your favorite thing about working at UC Blue Ash?

Working in the field of Education and interacting with faculty and staff is great, but I especially enjoy connecting with our students. Being able to listen to them, understand their vision of the future, and what they expect from the world and from life. This helps me gain perspective, and knowing about their dreams and career goals even gives me hope in humanity – like learning that they wish to care for children with cancer, protect the rights of immigrants or design more sustainable cities. Creating and performing with them is also very enjoyable, it helps me stay fresh and energized.

Having the possibility of working in an area that goes hand in hand with technological innovations and new communication tools is also a privilege. It's even better when our leadership encourages continuous learning and self-improvement.

Carolina with her family in Brazil.

Carolina with her family in Brazil.

Is there a current/recent book or podcast you’re enjoying?

I listen to podcasts from Brazil and other countries, like the United States, of course. Here I really like the "Huberman Lab", which discusses neuroscience, how our brain and its connections with the body control our perceptions, our behaviors and our health. I also listen to Armchair Expert, with actor Dax Shephard, to relax during interviews. The episode with Salma Hayek made me laugh a lot. In Brazil I love one called "Braincast", which discusses current issues in marketing, communication, audiovisual and new technologies.

I recently read a news story saying that Spotify is working on a technology that will automatically translate a foreign podcast into the listener's language, with the exact voice of the presenter. This will be very interesting, maybe you can listen to that last one I mentioned? A book I would recommend: Flights, from Olga Tokarczuk.

What kind of hobbies or activities do you pursue outside of work?

In addition to reading and listening to podcasts, I like to communicate with my friends and family, even if it has to be online. I also enjoy cooking and listening to music with my husband, as well as going to concerts of all kinds and consuming a lot of art. I like to travel, move my body (I have tried many types of sports) and be close to nature whenever I can - I love being close to the sea and I miss the beaches in Brazil. A little adrenaline fascinates me, so rafting, rappelling and even skydiving are adventures I've tried.

What is one fun or interesting fact you would like to share about yourself?

One fun and interesting fact about me is how music has significantly shaped my life. It all began with a college graduation project centered around a small music initiative for underprivileged children and teenagers. After that I worked for the organization for 11 years and helped found the world's first symphony orchestra originating from a favela, which even had the opportunity to perform in Europe. A project that initially served 60 children, today transforms the lives of more than 1,200 students per year, having encouraged young people to study or work as musicians all over the world.

Years later, this unique journey led to an unexpected opportunity: producing choirs for the Rolling Stones' 2016 tour in Brazil – quite a gig! The experience was both challenging and immensely rewarding. What made it even more special was that it was during this tour that I met my husband. He worked on the lighting team for the shows, and he happens to be American. This encounter eventually brought me to the United States, where I now call home.


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