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Medical Assisting FAQs

Many typical questions from current and prospective students are answered below. If you have further questions, please contact MedAsst@ucblueash.edu.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you have a waiting list?

A. No! The program currently admits students through a selective admissions process. For more information, visit the Selective Admissions page.

Q. Is this program online?

A. No, this program is primarily taught face-to-face in the classroom with a few courses delivered in the hybrid format (partially online and partially face-to-face).

Q. Can I do this program part time?

A. The general education courses may be taken prior to the medical assisting (MA) courses which may allow students to spread the program out over 3 or 4 years. But, once a student registers for MA administrative or clinical courses, they must move through the program with other students as a group or cohort.

Q. Can I do this program at night or on weekends?

A. No, the program is primarily full-time Mon-Fri during the day.

Q. Can I work full time and be in the medical assisting program?

A. Students can work any job so long as that job does not prevent them from attending classes or the practicum experience in an actual physician office.

Q. How long is the program?

A. Once admitted to the Medical Assisting program, it takes two (2) years to complete.

Q. When does the school year begin?

Q. When are applications due?

Q. I applied to UC Blue Ash, do I need to do anything else?

A. You will work with Admissions and Student Life to complete the University's application and enrollment process. Once you've met the minimum program requirements, you will need to submit the selective admissions application during the application timeframe. Get the full details on the Selective Admissions page.

Q. What are tuition and fees at UC Blue Ash?

Q. Can I use my veteran benefits?

A. Veteran benefits are available for qualifying students.

Q. Can I set up a meeting to talk about medical assisting?

A. The program offers information sessions throughout the year so prospective students can meet with program faculty and staff, ask questions about the program and find more out about the career. Information sessions are open to everyone and no RSVP is required. Logistics for upcoming information sessions will be posted on the Medical Assisting program page.

Q. Will there be a health physical or drug test?

A. Yes,they are required. In addition, all students must submit to a drug test. Practicum sites may also require a drug test before beginning the practicum experience.

Q. Will there be a criminal background check?

A. Yes, a criminal background check is required.

Q. I know I don't have a clean background check; what sorts of results will prevent me from being in the program?

A. Please speak with the MAS faculty advisor about what sorts of offenses prevent students from getting jobs as a medical assistant. Jennifer Kroger at jennifer.kroger@uc.edu or 513-936-1766

Q. I am a student with previous college experience; who do I meet with to talk about what credits will count towards this program?

A. After you have confirmed your acceptance to the college and had your official transcripts sent from your previous college/s, then you should meet with your Pre-Health Professions advisor. They will be able to evaluate your transfer credits. View a list of advisors by program.

Q. What courses do I need to take to get into the program?

Q. If I have college transfer credit for math and English do I need to take the placement test?

A. You do not need the placement test if your courses meet or exceed the minimum requirements for application to the program.

Q. What is a medical assistant?

A. Medical assistants are multi-skilled healthcare professionals who work primarily in outpatient settings such as physician offices, clinics, urgent care facilities or other ambulatory care settings.

Q. Am I required to take ALL my classes at UC Blue Ash?

A. No, you can take your prerequisite classes and general education classes at any college where they are offered. You must take all core Medical Assisting (MA designation) classes at the Blue Ash Campus.

Q. How often should I meet with my Academic Adviser?

A. All students should initially meet in person with their Academic Adviser. Students should continue to make contact with their advisor each term.

Q. Is this an accredited program?

A. The University of Cincinnati Blue Ash Medical Assisting Program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs upon the recommendation of the Medical Assisting Education Review Board (MAERB).

Q. Do Medical Assistants need credentials? How does a student get credentialed?

A. This program prepares students to take the CMA(AAMA) credentialing exam. This is considered the "gold standard" credential for Medical Assistants.

Q. How much time do medical assistants spend with patients?

A. Medical assistants working in the clinical setting spend a lot of face time with their patients. If you are looking for a career with lots of hands on time with patients, this is the program for you!


Contact Information

Muntz Hall | Room 140
LuAnna Schwaeble
Program Coordinator
Phone: 513-936-1631
Email: luanna.schwaeble@uc.edu