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Pre-Social Work Program

Social workers are community troubleshooters. Through counseling, referral services or policy-making and advocacy, they help individuals, families and groups cope with problems. Those in the area of planning and policy help people understand how social systems operate and prepare ways of bringing about needed change in institutions such as health services, housing or education.

Where It Will Take You

Settings in which social workers are employed vary widely. In the public sector, they are employed primarily in departments of human resources, social services, mental health, health, housing, education and corrections. Those in the private sector work for nonprofit agencies, community and religious organizations, hospitals, nursing homes and other human service agencies. Some are also employed in business and industry, where they may counsel employees. In agencies facing a flood of job applicants, a master of social work (MSW) degree is becoming more desirable. It is generally required for positions in the mental health field and is almost always necessary for supervisory, administrative or research positions.

Transition-Oriented Program

A bachelor's degree is the minimum requirement for most professional positions in this field, and the program at UC Blue Ash College comprises the first two years of this degree. There is a 2.75 GPA requirement to transition to UC's College of Allied Health Sciences (CAHS). You can also learn more about transition-oriented programs.


Contact Information

Behavioral Sciences Department
Judy Singleton
Phone: 513-558-6833
Email: pre-socialwork@ucblueash.edu