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Biological Sciences Program

Biology is the study of the cellular, organismal, and ecological characteristics of life. It is a diverse, research and application-driven professional science. Biologists examine the structure and function of all forms of life including viruses (virology), bacteria (bacteriology), fungi (mycology), plants (botany) and animals (zoology). Biologists also examine the interrelatedness of organisms in ecological populations, communities, and ecosystems. A solid foundation in chemistry, math, statistics, and technical writing are fundamental for all biologists.

Where It Will Take You

Baccalaureate degree graduates in biology can expect to be prepared for entry-level and technician positions in a wide variety of careers. Opportunities are somewhat limited, however, due to strong competition for job vacancies. Graduate-level education and experience are necessary for most professional and research-based careers. Students completing a degree in biology may pursue careers in botany, molecular biology, veterinary medicine, pharmacology, physiology, microbiology, environmental remediation, toxicology, wildlife biology, human medicine, or agriculture.

Transition-Oriented Program

The biology major at UC Blue Ash College provides the first two years of an anticipated baccalaureate program following transfer to an accredited college or university. While most students elect to continue their education at UC's College of Arts and Sciences, the program is designed to articulate with other universities as well. Students completing the program of study in biology are eligible for an associate of science degree. Learn more about transition-oriented programs.


Contact Information

Biology Department
Mark R. Otten
Phone: 513-558-1646
Email: ottenmr@ucmail.uc.edu