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Understanding the intricate relationships between neural mechanisms and behavior is an important and fruitful area of contemporary scientific research. Such research allows scientists to learn more about the progression of Alzheimer's disease, the neural basis of addition, and appropriate biochemical treatments for anxiety, just to name a few.

Where It Will Take You

Students in this transfer program may continue their studies to obtain a bachelor's degree. Those who graduate with a degree in neuroscience may also find careers in clinical research, pharmaceutical sales, medicine, and other biopsychological-based positions, including the following positions:

  • Laboratory Technician
  • Medical Scientist
  • Biological Technician
  • Researcher / Research Associate
  • Laboratory Technologist
  • Laboratory Manager
  • Clinical Research Coordinator / Manager
  • Biologist
  • Microbiologist.

Transition-Oriented Program

The Associates of Science (AS) Degree program in Neuroscience provides students with the first two years of general education requirements within the discipline so they can easily and efficiently transfer into the bachelor’s degree program in Neuroscience at UC’s College of Arts and Sciences (A&S). Learn more about transition-oriented programs.


Contact Information

Behavioral Sciences Department
Phone: 513-558-7833
Email: pre-psychology@ucblueash.edu